8 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Wealth into Your Home

Feng Shui is all about making space to maximise abundance. You attract wealth into your home  when you set up  practices that focus your attention. 

Think of the adage, ‘Where attention flows, energy goes.’

Here are some tips to get you started.

#1 Your Front Entrance

The entrance to your home is the place where the most energy and wealth circulates.  The more attractive you make it,  the more potential for prosperity.   Make sure your frontage is eye catching with a prominent fence, gate, letter box or stunning tree.

A well lit path to the front door, unencumbered by overhanging plants, will ensure that qi moves into your property.  Plants in pots either side of the entrance will clearly define the main entrance. Traditionally the choices are Jade or Cumquat trees.

A clear, uncluttered entrance hall invites qi in to gather and then nourish the rest of your home or office, infusing it with prosperity. Create space and largesse with clean windows, sparkling door handles and polished floors. ‘Mirrors’ can be used to widen a space and reflect an attractive view. Warm lighting will create a welcoming feel and objects you place in your entrance hall will send out a message of abundance.

#2 Your Wallet 

Business wallet Have a look at your wallet. Eric Shaffert, the author or Feng Shui and Money, says that the state of our wallets can provide a snapshot of our attitude to money. Is your wallet organised with neatly stacked notes? Or is it bulging with receipts, too many cards and small change?  Start to change your attitude to money by re arranging  your wallet and getting it ready to receive a steady improved flow. 

#3 Wealth Corner

Every building has its own ‘true’ wealth area which is called The Water Dragon and is based on the building’s age and compass direction. In a modern version of Feng Shui the Southeast is designated as a wealth area. However, in traditional Feng Shui, it’s the  Water Dragon that I look for  first  when I’m doing a consultation.  But luckily,  each year there is another wealth area that you can boost to help attract  wealth. This year, 2016, it the Southwest of your home. Make sure the rooms here are clean and clutter free. Give them a good tidy up and throw out anything you no longer use or need so that money can find you more easily. 
A beautiful vase of pink or red flowers will help activate the Southwest. Make sure the lighting is good as well.

#4 Money and Fear

Many people experience fear around the subject of money. it can  trigger an emotional state that can be overwhelming. To reduce the fear and introduce courage, try this aromatherapy remedy and put a few drops  around the Southeast  area of your home or business as well as on the palms of your hands. Breathe it in deeply and do this  particularly when you are worried about money. if you have already had a consultation on your home, carry out this remedy in the area of your home identified as the Water Dragon.
In a 10ml bottle put 
5 drops Bay leaves Essential Oil 
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
and 4 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil.
Top the bottle up with an organic vegetable oil.  

#5 The Kitchen  

The kitchen is intrinsically linked to your health and wealth. The stove is pivotal in attracting abundance. Keep it sparkling clean and in good working order. If you use all the burners regularly you are more likely to create a stronger flow of wealth.

#6 Clutter

There is really no better way to get started with wealth attraction than to get rid of your clutter. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items means qi is freed up to flow in healthier ways around your home or office. Otherwise the life force energy is stuck and stale and can’t work for you. Start with one single draw. Throw out old bills, receipts, broken objects, things you haven’t used for ages. See how good it feels to do that! You’ll have a little more energy for the next draw and the next……then watch your wealth improve!

#7 Your Car

hand hold sponge over the car for washingDon’t forget that your car can be a source of wealth attraction.  And it’s another one of those snapshots of your attitude to yourself as well as to to money.Take a peek into the back seat of yours at the moment.  Can you see lolly wrappers, parking tickets, a child’s toy, unopened letters or packaging and crumbs from some recently devoured food? Dare we look in the boot?

That’s clutter, drawing attention to something about you and your psychic state. Clean it up, let in fresh air. A clean, fresh smelling car is a positive expression of health and wealth and of who you are. It improves your mental state, keeps you alert and makes the journey safer.  In turn that attracts more positive energy and opportunities to make money.

 #8 Fix Anything Broken

Broken appliances put a drain on your energy and your wealth. The dripping tap, the broken down car in the front yard, the window that won’t open properly,  the computer that needs repairs. All these cause qi to either leak or block, neither of which is attractive to wealth. Get them fixed and watch how good it feels. Start with something small and you’ll soon want to get everything fixed!