Feng Shui Fran Revival Plans

Make your life easier and attract more abundance, happiness and good fortune with Feng Shui Fran Revival Plans.

I work with people whose homes and business environments are important to them, and who want to improve the quality of energy flowing in their surroundings, to expand their wealth, health and relationships. 

I have 3 packages for you to choose from.  To discuss any of these packages or to put together your own personal package, ring me on       0437 072 027   

1. Residential Revival

During this consultation I sit down with you over a cuppa and talk about what it is you need to change.   What you tell me is completely confidential and I am there to listen and not judge. My aim is to discover why things don’t feel quite right. It could be your health, your happiness, your job,  your money, issues around your children or other relationship problems.

Then I begin my investigation discover  how the story of your home matches the story of your life.

I take a compass reading and put it together with the age of the house, using a formula that tells me what  kinds of qi combinations are circulating or blocked in your home. The very important ones are those that are at your facing and enter your doorways.

I detect if you have qi for wealth, happy events, romance,  travel, job promotion, birth of intelligent children or other possibilities. And then there are a myriad of qi combinations  for things like relationship problems, health problems, conflict and even robbery.

Your issues will be hidden in there somewhere.

I  check the layout of rooms, including  furniture placement.  I notice the way you are using your spaces, your decor and materials. I also assess the external land forms to check their powerful influence on the qi inside the home.  I work with your current style, never suggesting you change it if you do not want to.

My advice is based on using the Flying Stars Method of Feng Shui and is all aimed at allowing qi energy to enter easily and  to circulate, revitalising, cleansing and renewing you.

About a week later you receive a comprehensive report, with my advice and suggestions.

The visit entails;

  • An assessment  of the home’s  internal environments and  external landforms.
  • An in- depth analysis of the residential  energies and how they  specifically affect you and each family member.
  • A check to see how energies at your door have an impact on your job, fortune and wellbeing.
  • Recommendations for the best use of rooms, particularly bedrooms and the office.
  • Room by room Flying Stars analysis and recommendations to capitalize on the resident energies in each area.
  • Advice on qi flow, addressing any blockages to in the whole home.
  • Identifying the wealth areas and activating them.
  • Specific treatments for specific problems such as a fractious child, obstacles and set backs.
  • Advice on furniture placement, including the very important bed placement, colours, materials and shapes to place in each room.
  • Annual energies and their treatment.
  • An electro magnetic radiation measurement.
  • A blessing.
  • A comprehensive clearing of any negative earth or magnetic energies or any metaphysical aspects such as residual negative emotions.

What you need to do.

I  need you to supply me with;

  • a to- scale floor plan of your home showing windows, doors and each person’s bedroom.
  • the year the house was built and when any renovations occurred, including details of the extent of the renovations.
  • the birth details of each member of the family

The consultation will take up to three hours (or longer for larger homes)  and is followed a week later by a detailed report which clearly addresses your initial issues and any blockages that are preventing you from getting what you want.

This consultation includes two months unlimited emails as follow up conversations with me.

   The price will vary depending on the size and number of levels of the home. For a 1 bedroom small apartment the cost is $497, 2-3 bedroom apartment $527.

3 bedroom home is $687. Add $50 for each extra bedroom. An office is treated as a bedroom. An extra  storey adds extra costs.

 2. Residential Revival plus Astrology Readings

  • This option is my most popular combination and includes all of the benefits of a Revival with the added extra of Astrology readings for any number of  family members.
  • Normally priced at $150,  when combined with a Revival, a reading  is $120 per person.

 The Benefits of Chinese Astrology

Astrology readings can provide invaluable help  in knowing  what’s coming up for you or your children over the next few years.  It can answer your questions on things like;

what are the best jobs for me or my children?

What can I do to protect my health?

Is there a relationship on the cards for me?

When is the best time to start a business?

Most significantly, a reading can identify why certain things keep happening to you and how you can work with your favourable elements to create a smoother, easier life.

Our Astrology is a blueprint of our life. But  our circumstances are not set in concrete. When we understand the blueprint we were born with, its like being given a set of strategies to use on our journey.

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Then astrology can point you in the right direction for you.

What you need to do.

For astrology readings I need all birth details; year, month, day, hour and place of birth. The time must be accurate. It is not possible to do a chart without an accurate time.

from $457 for Revival  plus $120 per person for an Astrology reading (Normal price $150) 

3. Ultimate Residential Revival

This package includes all the stages of the Revival Package, The Astrology Readings, plus an advanced system for wealth creation.

The Xuan Kong Da Gua system of divination  was a carefully kept secret in Chinese Metaphysics for many years. When correctly applied to a building it can greatly enhance the prosperity of the people living or working there, no matter where they are in the world.

It involves a carefully calculated placement of water in relation to the door of your building with the water feature activated on a very auspicious day, calculated to  match you.

When chosen in conjunction with a Revival Plan, the investment for this service is $750.  (Normal price $1000) 

Phone Hook Ups

  • Another benefit of this Ultimate package is to meet your needs if you desire extra support beyond the initial 2 months of unlimited emails. Sometimes its because you need to carry out renovations and want updated advice.  Or it could be due to other  circumstances that have arisen and you need to check in a get some feedback. This Ultimate Package caters for that need and provides you with four  half hour phone calls  per year to discuss your situations as they arise.

Disclaimer. Feng Shui makes no claim to curing health issues. If you are unwell, you need to seek professional medical advice. However Feng Shui can show you how your building’s qi flow is contributing to your condition and it can give you some guidelines for increasing your energy levels by making changes in the home.  I may suggest you move to another bedroom or use a different door to enter the home. Under some  circumstances, if I detect that your home is majorly contributing to your health problems, I would advise you to sell and move on.

The benefits of Feng  Shui lie in its ability to create an outcome that maximises your potential for a smoother, more fulfilling life. It works gradually over time and makes no claim to overnight cures or instant wealth.  it works by brining the right people into your life to help you achieve your dreams and work in conjunction with you taking action on the synchronicity that comes your way.


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