A Feng Shui Case Study; from Coburg to the Camino

This is a story of how a a friend of mine achieved a major dream with the help of her house!

Let’s call her Ruby, and I hope her story  inspires you if you are in the middle of a challenging time yourself.
Her story begins in 2009 when she has to sell her beautiful house in Coburg, Melbourne, where she’d been living with her husband and three children.  But when things became untenable for the couple, they decided to separate.

It was a  heartbreaking decision, not the least because their home was one they had renovated together to create a stunning Federation dwelling with a lovely ambience.  But without its sale the couple could not get on with their separate lives. Her 3 children were in their teens and she worked  in the health industry, on a good salary but not a top level one. Financially and emotionally it was very tough all round. I remember her saying though, that she was determined to ‘sail this ship into a safe harbour’ for her children.

How the landscape adds to our luck.

After renting for a while, she eventually bought a new house that was in a quiet street near the Merri creek with a walking track, parklands and birdlife.

She didn’t have the house Feng Shui’d before buying it, (which is always a good idea), but it felt right  When she did call in a practitioner, me, I could see it was a very auspicious house.

An experienced practitioner always looks to see  how the external landscape impacts on a house. In Ruby’ s case, it was protected by the curve of the Merri creek as shown in the picture. This is a very auspicious location for a house because the landscape is protecting it.  What’s more, the direction of the flow of  water sent qi to the house for success in study, creativity and romance.

ruby's house

Since moving in, in 2011, her income has risen with very successful study and higher qualifications and her children  are all extremely creative and have done really well in their own studies. Ruby’s  sense of confidence has blossomed.

Qi Energy for Good Relationships

Even though this house didn’t necessarily have energies  for wealth at its facing (which is what we often hope to find) there was an unexpected surprise in the Flying Stars of the house. For those of you who understand the Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Method, this house faced South (1) and belonged to Period 7.

But you don’t have to know Flying Stars to understand what I’m about to tell you.

What landed at the facing direction was the 7 Metal star. On its own, the qi of the 7 Metal isn’t necessarily a good one. It can bring Fire, theft and gossip. But the great thing about this house was that the 7 Metal  loves to bond with  8 Earth, which happened to be at the sitting location of the house, the back of her house, in the North. The 7 metal could easily reach it as it travelled through the largely open plan of the house from front to back. Bingo!  A beautiful feeling is created.

In Feng Shui parlance, these two elements, the 7 Metal and 8 Earth, together are known as a husband and wife combination. This is one of the best combinations there is until 2024 when we move into Period 9.  No wonder the house felt  so good!

Just as a great husband and wife team co operates, this area of the house sings with good communication, laughter and companionship.

Meanwhile her Earth 8 energy, which is the best qi for health and relationships happens to be in  its rightful place  at the back of a house where it is more yin. A tall garage here provides the support of a virtual mountain, which is just what is needed to bring good health and great relationships of all kinds to Ruby and her family.

But wait there’s more luck!

There is a combination of qi, known as Fortune on the Mind, which, if found in a building, can support us to manifest our dreams a little more easily. Ruby has this combination. It is a 6 Metal and 8 Earth qi coming together in two locations, one  with a door to the back garden and one in a bedroom. When we expresses our hopes, dreams and  goals under the influence of this energy, we are more likely to take action and to achieve them.

Ruby’s dream was to walk the Camino.

The Camino de Santiago is a  spiritual journey made by pilgrims of all faiths and walks of life, that begins on the Spanish- French border in the Pyrenees,  traverses 800 kilometres across northern Spain and finishes at the Cathedral de Santiago on the West coast.

Map of the Camino
Map of the Camino

She had not travelled for 30 years and had only a small budget to work with.  When she first conceived of the idea it was only a tiny voice, setting a seemingly impossible hurdle.  But she had passion and curiosity.

She began to do some research, visiting the library, reading books by others who had walked the road to Santiago and she joined a cycling club to get fit. Coincidentally, some of the other cyclists had already completed the Camino and told her all about their experiences. She still wasn’t sure though, but she began learning Spanish, (it couldn’t hurt) and then gradually she realised her dream wasn’t so impossible after all.

Realising her Dream

When Ruby set foot on that ancient road in the Pyrenees, for her first day’s walking, she felt an overwhelming sense of awe in the presence of this powerful pilgrims’ path, walked by millions before her. But she was also in awe of the personal journey she had  ‘walked’ to to get there.


560 kilometres later she received her Compostela or Certificate of Completion of the Santiago Pilgrimage!

Now I’m wondering what her next dream is and I’ll watch her achieve that I’m sure.

When we express our thoughts, and especially when we write them down, we are more likely to make them come true. But some individuals who have this particular qi combination just have a head start on the rest of us.

If you know you have an 8 6 or 6 8 combination and haven’t been told about its power, begin to use it for your dreams. If you don’t have it, there are certain years when it is likely that the annual star joins up with its partner and brings you this chance.

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