Feng Shui, Money and You

Money is one of those elements in life that can inspire the most powerful emotions in us. Our relationship with it can take us anywhere from ecstasy to despair.

Feng Shui is traditionally associated with wealth and ways of attracting it.  We might know that we can create wealth with the correct placement of water, for example.

Or we might know that Feng Shui advises us that removing blockages from our buildings will attract abundance and harmony.

But you may not know that attracting wealth is linked to another secret – a secret that depends on a collaboration between your building and your passion.

Definition of Wealth

The ancient Chinese definition of wealth might surprise you. It involves more than an abundance of money.

In her book Thick Face Black Heart, world renowned entrepreneur, Chin-Nin Chu observes that

‘the Chinese character for wealth is composed of two symbols:

one is a seashell, the medium of exchange in very ancient times; the other is the symbol for the unique ability or talent that each of us possesses -the literal meaning of the symbol is ‘brilliance’.

One without the other is not the way to abundance and true wealth. Striving to earn money for money’s sake can bring you a good lifestyle on the outside, but it will leave you empty on the inside and rob you of your creative talents and brilliance.

Alternatively, practising your unique talents and passion will lead to a sense of satisfaction and even ecstasy, which in turn creates a flow and connection between you and the world around you.

In this state, the money will take care of itself.

Feng Shui’s Role in helping you choose the right building

The role of Feng Shui in this, is to show you how your building can foster your natural talents and create real lasting wealth in its true sense.  More importantly It can identify the the right building for you,  in the first place.

The reason it can do this is because buildings have natures. There are all sorts of characteristics associated with the qi that enters a building from the day it is built. This qi or energy can match, be neutral, or conflict with what you do inside that building.

If the match is good and the external landforms support the building, then success is sure to follow.

Let’s say your business is involved in web design. Of course the ancient Chinese didn’t do web design. But they did write and have creative ideas. Believe it or not, there is qi that supports creative ideas, writing, design and academic success. The ancients learnt how to identify this qi, among others. It is this  qi that, when present, will support a business and talent for web design  now in the 21st century.

If you love web design and have a talent for it, and you are in a building that attracts these same energies, then your business is likely to be successful. Or maybe your home has energies to support these endeavours. They will help you even when you are working elsewhere.

In these optimum environments you experience flow.

  • The inner flow you experience because you are living your passion, which, in turn, is supported by the unseen energies around you.
  • The satisfying flow that comes from being focused and more productive because you are doing something you love. This brings success.

Chin-Ning Chu puts it eloquently in her book ‘The secrets of the Rainmaker’ when she says,

‘When you work in contentment , each day will bring with it a new perspective on how to approach your projects. The worker and the joy of working can bring results beyond your wildest expectations.’

We see a range of qi that supports a wide range of occupations.

  • If you are a surgeon, a dentist or someone who works with fine metal tools, practitioners can identify qi that signals a clear match with you.
  • Barristers to travel agents, gardeners to teachers can all be represented in the different types of qi that might reside in a building.  The list is endless.

How do I know if My Building Matches My Talents?

An expert practitioner can identify the nature of a building based on its compass direction and age.

In layman’s terms, the main way of knowing if you have a good match is if the business is doing well.

If a business is not doing well, one of the reasons could be a mismatch between the business activities and the core qi coming in at the facing direction.

This of course there is more to it than that. Energies change over time. What may have been timely during one period may become untimely and less likely to lead to success in another.

Other possible reasons for lack of success are;

  • External landform may block the  positive qi from coming to the building.
  • The people working in the business along with you, may not have your passion, even if the building does match its core activities.
  • A building that resonates more with the young, may be owned my an older person who is not young at heart. This can impact on their success.

But all this can be identified by a qualified practitioner in an advanced consultation.

Even when there  is no clear match, the practitioner can advise ways of getting around it.

For example let’s say someone runs a gymnasium that is not doing so well. The practitioner advises that the nature of the building is much better suited to education. They advise the owners to incorporate  some form of education into its practices, for example, classes, conferences and perhaps a bookshop on health and well being.

If there is a good match, the practitioner can tell you how to strengthen the qi to support the business even more.

Establishing this fundamental principle of a match between your building and your business, talents and passions, is an investment in future success and your chance to express your brilliance.

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