Selling Your Home with Feng Shui

When it comes to selling your home you want to ensure it sells quickly and for the best price possible.  This special service is available for those who want to incorporate Feng Shui principles to give an energetic boost to their sale.

I help you achieve this boost  by showing you how you can balance the qi in the home.  With small, subtle changes and by specifically activating the wealth sectors you can achieve big results.

By creating a sense of spaciousness and qi flow for potential buyers to move around easily, and by  inspiring them with specific strategies, you can help them imagine what it would be like to live in the home.

A sense of harmony is the X factor for potential buyers   And after all,  sales are made on how a space feels more than anything else.

Light, fresh air, cleanliness, atractiveness and lack of clutter are all givens.
But Feng Shui offers so much more to create harmony and to help the sale go through easily and quickly.

The advice for selling your home includes;

  • Specific placement of small items in the home to boost and balance the energy. ( These are not red chinese cures)
  • Activation of the wealth qi to attract the best price.
  • Treatment of the entrance hall to maximise the home’s  immediate impact on potential buyers.
  • Optimal placement of the For Sale sign.
  • Best day for launching the sale and choosing the day of Auction.
  • Auspicious  dates for signing contracts.
  • Where to put  the Sale documents during inspection times.
  • Best route the agent should take to lead people through the home.
  • Ideal place to hold the auction.

The consultation can be done remotely or onsite and price varies depending on the distance travelled. The onsite visit includes a comprehensive Environmental Space Clearing to remove any disturbed energy in your home.

Feng Shui Made All the Difference When We sold Our House!

We recentlly called in Fran to give us some Feng Shui advice when we put our unit on the market. The changes she recommended to help the sale  were subtle and didn’t involve any major overhaul. But I believe they certainly made a difference.  We had intended to go to auction but it sold well before that date and we got considerably more than we expected. Thank you Fran.   Gabrielle, Blackburn South.

For your own advice  you will need to provide me with a floor plan and the age of the building (the year it was built) as no two buildings are the same.

Then I can provide you with a clear report with recommendations for selling your home that are simple and subtle and do not interfere with your own preferred interior taste and style.

Remote Report existing clients                              $187

Onsite Visit & Report existing clients.                   $387

Remote Report new clients                                    $287

Onsite Report new clients                                       $487


Premium Service

For a premium service, the placement of the For Sale sign can be tailored even more specifically to maximise the sale.  I use a  very advanced method known as the the Xuan Kong Da Gua Method.  In terms of real estate sales, this system identifies the best place and angle for the sign and an auspicious day is selected to erect it. This day  matches your unique elemental make up  creating a powerful connection  between you, the sign and the day for a successful outcome.   Cost $787


Call Fran to discuss  how Feng Shui can facilitate your sale and walk away more than happy with your decision to sell!

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