February 2018 Feng Shui Energies

February 2018 Feng Shui energies go hand in hand with the arrival of the Earth  Dog  for 2018. It made its appearance on Sunday 4th with the Solar New Year. Not many people realise this is its actual arrival date. All the celebrations we know about take place on the 16th February this year  because that is when the Lunar New Year occurs.

February 2018 Feng Shui Energies

When the energies for the month are ruled by the 5 yellow as they are, it means we have the line up of the bagua, where each element is ‘at home’ in its natural location. That means the posiitve ones are very good and the challenging ones are extra challenging.   You may have trouble focusing and making decisions. Finances may suffer and stomach problems may arise. Avoid risky investments. Put your bell here and ring it every day. Add in plenty of other Metal colours of white, silver and gold.

The best locations this month are the Northwest. Northeast and South. The challenging ones are the centre, West, East and Southwest.


The beautiful Annual energies for wisdom join forces with a 6 metal element that can bring a great boost to your career and promotion in the Northwest, especially if your front door of office is here. Otherwise spend a lot of time here. Do not disturb the earth in the W/NW for the whole year though with digging , drilling or banging because this can disturb the Tai Sui, The Dog of the Year, and bring misfortune.


The wealth energy for the month arrives in the Northeast, forming a very lucky combination with the Annual 3 Wood. Spend a lot of time here to activate it. Add in a red object or candle and light it often. This area should feel fantastic with the double wealth.


Students, writers, academics, artists and anyone involved in creating something will be blessed in the South where the glamorous Wood presides to help you. But watch for marital infidelity and turn off any water features here which could trigger it. But if you are writing a romance novel leave it on J


The double water can activate your wisdom, love and good financial acumen. But possible kidney, bladder and genital problems can arise as Earth and Water clash. Pregnant women should avoid this area if possible and money could be an issue of your front door or bedroom is in the North. Put a group of round metal objects here to create a bridge between these two elements. No digging, drilling, banging or construction in the North for the whole year due to the presence of the 5 yellow



Put your baby calabash ( Wu Lou ) or extra metal in the Southwest because the 2 Earth sickness energy has landed. It’s not as bad as it could be because it likes being with the Annual 6 Metal for a very favourable influence for your career success, especially for women. International business or travel are on the cards . However any sickness could be of the gastrointestinal kind. Soft piano music can help you as well.


A double Wood energy for creativity, writing, success in study lands in the SE which also has the wealth energy for 2018. This is a clash of Wood and Earth. Add in extra Fire to burn a little off and this can be in the form of red colour, candles, oil burners or a triangle shape. The 4 Wood can also trigger infidelity.



Another 7 Metal lands in the West. This on its own  it is associated with the mouth and can lead to backstabbing or a blaming kind of communication or teeth, mouth or throat problems. But the good news is that If your career is in food, dentistry, jewellery or public speaking you will be supported. Otherwise be careful how you communicate to avoid arguments. The combination with the Annual 3 Wood can trigger robbery, fraud, lawsuits and leg problems. Not much fun. Add in water colours of black or dark blue to weaken it.


The same kind of energies arise in the East this month except the emphasis is more on legal problems and arguments. It’s good for you if you are a lawyer or in business where it can trigger business wealth. Add in some red colour or triangle shape.


Here’s a guide to the compass degrees for each sector. To apply them to your home, stand in the centre of the house with a compass and imagine lines extending out from the compass sectors into the rooms. Using the range of degrees below, identify which rooms fall into which sectors. They will form a pie chart. Some rooms will fall in two sectors. Try to place the cure in the North of the North or South of the South etc, if you can.

North Sector: 337.5 – 22.5 degrees

Sector: 22.5 – 67.5 degrees

East Sector: 67.5 – 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector: 112.5 – 157.5 degrees

South Sector: 157.5 – 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector: 202.5 – 247.5 degrees

West Sector: 247.5-292.5