April Monthly Energies and How to Use Them


The new  April Monthly Energies for 2018 arrived on the 5th April and stay till the 4th May. The ruler of the month is a 3 Wood which is a difficult energy unless you are in business, competitive sports or you are shy and need to be more competitive.  Take care  how you communicate to avoid arguments, gossip and fighting. When combined with the Annual 9 Fire, this  bonding means birth of an intelligent child. So its good to put your focus on children now.  Nuture them and your own intelligence. Place some red colour, a light  or candles in the centre of your home to balance the energies.


April is also the month of The Dragon. The Dragon clashes with The Dog of The Year. Try not to be too ambitious this month. Avoid getting into arguments and engaging in conflict. For more information read this article.

April Monthly Energies

The most positive locations are the  Northwest and Southwest with the more challenging sectors being in the West, South and Southeast. You’ll need a lot of Water cures this month.

Always remember that the strength of the energies depends on whether they are at your front door and entrance, the bedroom, office and areas used often like the kitchen. if the visiting energies are in rooms not used much or where there is no door, they are less likely to have an impact.


Ann excellent combination of Wood and Water this month makes this sector very good for students, writers, artists and  academic researchers.  Publicity will produce good luck, so go ahead and promote your talents. Add in some Water colours or black or dark blue for the month to enhance your success.


The Fire energy of 9 Fire can bring mixed results. But it is very good news for women. This location is already fabulous for women and their career success with the Annual 6 Metal bringing great luck.  Now achievement, success and growth are even further enhanced. Women, I suggest you spend  a lot of time here to gain the most benefit this month. Sons could be rebellious though, arguing with older family members. Place a square earthen pot, such as terracotta, concrete or yellow pot here to bridge the Fire and Metal elements.


The North can be good for wealth this month.  But the presence of the 8 Earth combined with the Annual 5 Yellow can also mean problems with bones and joints for young people and children. Place a bowl of still water outside in the North for the month.


Difficulties for teenagers and children are the associated tendencies of this month’s  energies residing in the Northeast.  Leg injuries or headaches as well as arguments might be on the cards. Soothe the energies with Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey.


If your front door, bedroom or office are in the East and you get a chance to travel in April, take it. It is likely to be lucky for you. Otherwise the Monthly energies can exacerbate drinking problems and possible affairs. Add in water colours to weaken this potential.  Black or dark blue coloured objects can be used. An urn shaped vase is a good choice.


Put your baby calabash ( Wu Lou) or some round metal objects  here for April to weaken the sickness potential of the 2 Earth energy.  But on the good side, this area  can foster authority and status as well as affectionate relationships.


The South is not such a wonderful location this month with a 7 Metal moving in to clash with the Annual 4 Wood. Conflict, jealousy, arguments and even sexual abuse can result from this combination. Once again Water is needed to reduce the Metal.  A bowl of still water outside will help here. if you can’t do that, use water coloured objects inside.


I’ve saved the most challenging till last. The West is definitely an area to avoid this month. If you have a door here try your hardest to use another one instead and keep this area still. Ring your bell here often and add in extra metal objects that are round. Remove any candles, oil burners or Fire colours of red, pink, deep orange or purple. Children are particularly at risk of illness or accidents with this influence.