Free Talk: How Feng Shui Works

How Feng Shui Works

to bring you greater energy, harmony and prosperity

          “Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space…….. Karen Kingston

 I am really excited to be presenting on the topic of How Feng Shui Works at the Box Hill Library on 18th April at 6.30. This presentation by the library  is free and you can register by clicking here.

Of course you will not only discover how it works but how you can put its secrets to work straight away. You’ll go home excited to create a home or business that energetically raises the good feeling in your home or office and in you too!

                               In the talk you’ll discover solutions to questions like..

Why do I feel like I’m being stopped from achieving the success that I want?

How can I use Feng Shui to gain greater clarity and energy?

How can I use it to bring in more money?

What’s the problem with the room that no one likes to spend time in?

Can Feng Shui help my my productivity and health?


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