May Monthly Energies and Forecast

May Monthly energies kick in on the 6th May and they stay till the 6th June.

This month’s ruler, located in the centre, can trigger sickness energy especially to do the eyes, stomach, digestive system and reproductive organs. Keep your centre area open and uncluttered. If your bedroom is here, try to use another room instead. You should already have a group of metal objects in the centre for the year, either as Chinese coins or round objects. Now add some more round metal objects and white, silver or gold objects.

May Monthly Energies- Positive and Challenging

The most positive sectors this month are the Southwest, Southeast and South. The most challenging are the Centre, the Northeast and East.

Remember that they are their strongest if they land in the most important areas of your front entrance, bedroom, or office. When you come across a very challenging sector and you know you have a door  here, its best to avoid using that door because that can activate the negative consequences.


Make sure you spend plenty of time in your Southwest in May and early June. It’s excellent for wealth and prosperity, and especially good for women!   Make this your office for the month if you can and enjoy the benefits of popularity and a soaring of your reputation. Add in some water colours or a water feature if you know that is safe for your Flying Star natal energies. Water colours are black, dark blue, grey and charcoal. It’s extra good if you are in the real estate industry. Also great for buying a house! ( That’s actually what I’m doing.)


Another great sector for wealth, wisdom, prestige and success in your career.  It’s an excellent time to start a new business or create new wealth streams in a current business. Make sure you spend time here and remember that the Southeast is an area where you should avoid any digging, banging, drilling and renovating. Its especially good for the eldest daughter. Activate it by spedding time here, use doors here often and open windows.


Put a bell in the Northeast and ring it every day or even several times a day to soothe the Monthly 5 Yellow for misfortune. Here in the Northeast it can bring money problems with reduced flow and at the most extreme, bankruptcy. This depends on other aspects of your Feng Shui or external environment exacerbating the problem. It is not necessarily likely to happen if all else is balanced. If you have a door here avoid using it. keep the area very still and move out of a bedroom here if you can.


The 9 Fire moves into the East and it makes what ever it meets even stronger. The energies here can trigger flirting and sexual advances including in the workplace. If you already have a heart problem do not spend a lot of time here. Add in a bowl of still water and water colours of black, charcoal, grey and dark blue.


Arguments and bickering along with sexual harassment in the workplace could be a problem this month. Mouth, teeth, tongue problems are related to the energies here this month. if you are a public speaker and your office lies her you could be helped. It’s not good if your kitchen is in the North because food poisoning an occur. Once again still water is the remedy. A bowl of still water outside or water colours inside will help.


Good for wealth, which can come from travel , marketing and sales. If you are in the law or in competitive sports it can help you. However the men in the house could be argumentative. If you are not involved in any of the above occupations, be careful to avoid law suits if your bedroom, office or front door is in the North. The Dog, the animal of the year, lies here so no digging, drilling or renovating as it can disturb the energies and bring misfortune. Add in a little bit of red colour.


This month the visiting energy can be good for students or academic researchers. It is great for  artistic and creative pursuits as well. However it is also associated with conflict between women of different generations with suspicion of hidden agendas. It can trigger infidelity as well.  if the negative aspects surface, add in a little bit of red colour.


Here’s a guide to the compass degrees for each sector. To apply them to your home, stand in the centre of the house with a compass and imagine lines extending out from the compass sectors into the rooms. Using the range of degrees below, identify which rooms fall into which sectors. They will form a pie chart. Some rooms will fall in two sectors. Try to place the cure in the North of the North or South of the South etc, if you can.

North Sector: 337.5 – 22.5 degrees

Sector: 22.5 – 67.5 degrees

East Sector: 67.5 – 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector: 112.5 – 157.5 degrees

South Sector: 157.5 – 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector: 202.5 – 247.5 degrees

West Sector: 247.5-292