June 2018 Monthly Energies

This month’s energies move in on the 6th and stay till the 7th July. The ruler is Water and it combines with the Annual Fire ruler to create a husband and wife combination which is lucky. Its a great month for money and for considering new jobs. Sometimes eye or heart issues can stem from these two rulers. That can be heart  as in ‘be still my heart’ or issues with your heart’s health. Keep the area uncluttered and looking bright. A healthy plant here will weaken any potential qi discord.

The three best areas are the Southeast, Northeast and East. The other sectors look a bit tricky this month. But when we take precautions and honour the energies, we can work with them and not against them. This is how we can balance the energies with our own attitudes and minds. The two most challenging are the South and Northwest.
Remember that your front door, bedroom, family room and kitchen or office are in the places where the qi energy levels are at their strongest.

Romance and wealth  are energised in the East this month, making this a great place to spend time. The annual metal energy is redeemed and together with the wealth energy coming from 8 earth, its all good news. Add in some water colours of black or dark blue to activate the good times.


Joy abounds in the Southeast where a fabulous combination of Fire and Earth multiply good opportunities, for promotion, marriage, business luck and general happiness.  Spend time here!


This sector is good for study, artistic endeavours and academic research this month with a 4 Wood Qi coming in. Add a little red colour to reduce any emotional issues.


Put your bell here and ring it often during the month. Alternatively a group of round, metal objects which with reduce the power of the 5 yellow. If you suffer from skin problems or frequent infections, avoid the area and use a different door if you can.


The wife or mother may feel the pinch here this month with an excess of Metal, potentially leading to disagreements and gossip. Pregnant women should avoid this area because it is associated with reproductive issues. Place a bowl of still water here for the month.


Reproductive issues are potentially a problem in the Northwest as well  in June along with urinary tract infections. If you are having marital problems don’t stay in this area for long. Place a tall white or metal object  here to reduce the Qi.


Arguments and legal disputes can also be generated in the West. avoid doors here and don’t spend too much time here.  Be careful who you confide in as trust is highlighted this month. Add in some round Metal objects to the West to reduce the conflict.


The North can be good for business this month but it will combine with the annual 5 Yellow to produce headaches and stress from unexpected sources. Add in some Metal here as well.