July 2018 Monthly Energies

The new July Monthly Energies for July moved on the 7th and stay till the 8th August.

July is very significant  because the monthly energies are the same as the Annual Energies.  In each location there are two elements that have exactly the same qualities.  This means they can bring doubly positive energies or doubly challenging ones .

The ruler is 9 Fire. This can add to your wealth, and its great for social gatherings. But it can also activate the 5 yellow which naturally occupies the centre. If you are inclined to feel confused or have trouble making decisions, this energy can exacerbate these feelings. You also need to keep an eye on the health or your heart and eyes if they are giving you trouble . Put extra round metal objects in the centre of your home and keep it very uncluttered and open. And its a good time for a party! It will help subdue the negative aspects.

The most positive areas in the July Monthly Energies are the Southwest,  Northwest, Southeast and South.


The Southwest brings extra  luck for women, especially in relation to money, careers and prestige and leadership. The best way to activate this energy is to spend time in your Southwest and definitely keep it uncluttered and attractive looking. The extra Metal of the 6 Metal can sometimes cause problems. Be careful when handling metal tools or objects.


A beautiful energy for wisdom lands in the Northwest, also bringing love and good financial acumen as well as good energy for power, authority and career success. Lucky you if your front door or office is in the Northwest. Round, metal objects will help activate it further.

But be very careful not to disturb the area with digging, drilling, banging or renovating. If your neighbours in the Northwest are engaged in any of these noisy activities, put a large bowl of water in the NW sector, outside the building.  Inside spend time here. It’s especially good for the male of the house.


The Southeast receives a double dose of wealth energy in July. Its really good for new opportunities in all areas and is the best location in the building this month.   So put something here  in the Southeast that resonates with prosperity for you and spend plenty of time here. However the eldest daughter could have problems if your front door or her bedroom are in the Southeast. Add in some water colours both for her and to help activate the wealth. That means, black, dark blue, grey or charcoal objects.

This sector is opposite the Tai Sui, the animal of the year, the Dog so this location needs to be kept quiet as well with no disturbing the earth with renovations, digging, drilling or banging.


The South is great for academic teachers, researchers, artists and writers as well as students of any kind. Set yourself up here to do your work.and you’ll feel so creative!If you are single you are likely to feel and look extra attractive this month and communicate really well. But be mindful that this energy is also associated with infidelity. Add a plant to the South.

The most challenging locations for the July Monthly Energies are the North, West, East and Northeast.

The North receives another 5 yellow in July. Unless you are a cancer specialist or very big vision person, avoid the North. This is a seriously challenging energy here this month.

If your front door is in the North use another door to enter the house. Take precaution against accidents, money loss, health issues , blockages, legal problems and fights.  Avoid  the North and add in lots of round Metal objects, ring your bell  and bring in white, silver and gold colours. Keep the area still and quiet. No digging , drilling, renovating and banging.


The West receives the extra energy for illness with the element  2 Earth. Anxiety, digestive problems and loss of business can result.

You may already have a remedy for sickness here. Now add in a baby calabash or WuLou here as a precaution. Now add in your small one or the sound of metal to soothe the energy. This can be soft piano music or a small windchime. Round metal objects are needed as well. Avoid the area if you can and do not use doors here if possible.


The East receives a double dose of robbery energy, worry, accidents, and gossip or backstabbing. The oldest son is the most affected. Be very careful with metal tools and make sure your security systems are in good working order, especially if your front door is in the East. Good deeds will help calm this energy down and you’ll feel much better. But some Water colour of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey are also very helpful.


The Northeast is good if you run a business. It will help you be more competitive. But this Wood energy can trigger legal problems, arguments and fighting. Burn it off with some red colour and avoid using the door here if you are not in business or competitive sports.