Feng Shui Your Home Room by Room- Kyneton Workshop

In this exciting, upcoming  Workshop Feng Shui Your Home Room by Room, you’ll discover how to create a home that  radiates with love, peace and harmony

Bring along your floor plan to the beautiful rooms of the Illuminate Yoga studio in Kyneton, on  17th November and Fran will show you how to raise the energy levels of your home, Room by Room.

The 3 hour workshop she will teach you that even small changes can make a BIG difference to how a space feels and how you and your family can benefit.

You’ll experience the difference from feeling dull, unmotivated or unhappy to feeling greater harmony and  peace.

Or just come if you are curious about Feng Shui can work for you.

We are now so close to Christmas that I’m adding in a bonus section on How to Feng Shui Your Home for Christmas!

In the Feng Shui Your Home, Room by Room workshop you will be discovering the Feng Shui clues in your personal floor plan…

What you’ll gain is….

  • An understanding  of how each room has a special role to play in creating flow and harmony.
  • An approach to optimising each room to support you and your family’s health, relationships and wealth.
  • Insight into why some rooms feel uncomfortable and how to energise them to feel more vibrant.
  • Invaluable styling techniques to beautify a room.
  • Knowledge of how to activate prosperity points for 2018/2019
  • An awareness of  hidden messages in your home and what they might reveal about you.
  • Excitement about creating an harmonious layout in your home.


  • The best spot for your Christmas Tree
  • How to clear of your home of negative energy before and after guests arrive
  • How to set up the seating  for maximum harmony.
  • Decorative tips for your Christmas table.

Afternoon tea is included in the cost..

Bring along a sketch of your floor plan or even better, a to- scale drawing of it and receive personal attention.

‘I enjoyed the workshop very much’ Mary

‘It peaked my interest.’ Milly

‘It exceeded what I expected to learn’

 Here’s all the details;  

Numbers are limited so you will need to get in early!

When: Saturday, 17th November, 2018

Where; Illuminate Yoga Studio, 59 Mollison Street, Kyneton

Time; 2.00- 5.00

Investment; $70

Click on the PayPal Button to pay and secure your seat.