September 2018 Monthly Energies

September 2018 Monthly Energies arrive on the 8th and stay till the 8th October. This month is is tinged with sadness for our Feng Shui Community as we lost a  mentor and wonderful teacher, Master George Bennis, who died suddenly of a stroke on the 30th August. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to learn from him and experience his great knowledge and sense of fun. 

 September Monthly Energies

The ruler is a metal energy that is helpful for public speaking and sales. Together with the Fire of the year it can also be very good for publicity and  money luck. Its also associated with flirting. However it is not good for anyone with a heart condition and the flirting can have bad endings, as in sex scandals. Remove any Fire colours, red colours in particular, candles and  oil burners to reduce the risk of fire and relationship problems. Add some water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey preferably in an object with a wavy pattern. 

The two best areas this month are the Northwest  and Southeast while the two  that are challenging  are the East, West and South. Remember that all the energies are at their strongest when there is a door from the outside into the sector and for rooms that are used often such as bedrooms, the family room and office. The best way to handle the challenging energies is to work with them and ask what the lesson is that you can learn from its presence. It might be a call to ay more attention to your health, or to follow a dream and aim to do some public speaking. When we work with the energies we help ourselves and reduce their negative impact at the same time. 


The Northwest is the place to spend time this month, because by dong so you activate a fabulous combination of 8 Earth 1 Water which creates that an trigger business opportunities and wealth. Move your office here if you can for the month and open windows and doors to encourage it in. If your natal Flying stars allows a moving water feature here, set one up for the month. Otherwise introduce water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey preferably in an object with a wavy pattern such as a vase, cushion or rug.  But the choice is not limited to these. 


The Southeast is another place where you can benefit from wealth, opportunities, fame, recognition and the chance to manifest your dreams. Sit here and clearly express your desires either verbally or preferably in written form because the combination here helps you to achieve what you want. It will be stronger if you have a door or window here and if the external forms do not negate the benefits. Add in crystals  and/ or some square earthen pots either inside or outside. 


The South receives the energy for sickness. If your bedroom is here  the combination is associated with affairs for women. Also women of different generations may not get on so well this month, in particular mother in laws and daughters in law. 

You can benefit with writing success. But it you are suffering from the flu or rheumatism it is not a good room to sleep in. Add your baby calabash or a group of round metal objects to reduce the negativity. 


The Southwest Is wonderful for this whole year with a visit from a Metal energy for career success, especially for women. Now it is really good for  windfall luck,, once again especially for women. Literary and artistic success are can flourish here as well,  so spend a lots if time here!


This part of your home in September is  one which should be avoided, especially if you are pregnant and your bedroom is in the West. The visiting Fire churns up the Annual sickness energy potentially bringing eye and heart problems as well as stomach and reproductive issues. Remove any Fire colours of red, pink, purple or deep orange and have no candles or oil burners, or any other Fire objects.  Children may be stressed or bullied. Water is needed to quieten down the energies. A large still bowl of water outside, plus Water colours inside and if your stove or cook top  is in the West, put bowl of water next it for the month. Remove any indoor plants as well.


Place your bell in the East and ring it every day to ward off the possibility  arguments. Take the hint that this is not a good area to have important discussions and if you feel extra stressed,  move away to the really good areas such as the Northwest and Southeast.  Watch out for mouth related problems, and food poisoning if your kitchen is in the East. If you don’t have a bell, play soft piano music often to soothe this strong potential for miscommunication and most problems. 


 The North is already a challenging location for the year. Now unfortunately it could throw you an extra challenge with an increase in tension and stress, possibly due to money worries or even legal problems. Add in a group of metal objects and you could also have some  soft  piano music playing here to reduce the tension. 


Children should do well with their school work or musical talent if their bedrooms are in the Northeast or the front door lies in that location. However if your child is fractious its better to move them from a bedroom in the Northeast to another location for the month For adults business opportunities can be on offer. It helps to be more competitive and to work on your financial acumen to improve your wealth.