November 2018 Monthly Energies

The November Monthly energies move in on the 7th and stay till 7th December. The ruler of the Month is the 5 Yellow which combines with the Annual energy of Fire to produce problems making decisions and issues with health and wealth. Add in extra round metal objects plus your bell and ring it daily.  Remove all Fire objects such as candles, heaters, oil burners and red colours. Keep the area very quiet and avoid spending time there. 

Remember that the monthly energies are at their strongest in main areas such as the front entrance, the bedroom, kitchen. If negative energies land there try to avoid using doors to the outside in those sectors. Use other doors instead.  If the positive ones land there open windows often and use doors to these areas because that will activate the positive vibrations in.

The strength of each visiting element and its impact also depends on what is happening in the external environment.  For example dead trees, sharp angles, ugly views are some examples of conditions that can worsen a negative energy. 

The most fortunate areas this month are the South, Northeast and Northwest, while the challenging ones draw attention to the need to be careful and to be prepared rather than fighting the challenges and feeling frustrated. 


The South is wonderful for artistic and creative endeavours, writing, academic study and for romance. Everyone can spend a lot of time here and gain benefit.   Add in a healthy plant for the month.  


Excellent career opportunities abound this month with opportunities for wealth, innovation and good financial acumen. Men in particular should feel the boost. Place some round metal objects here to strengthen the energies and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. 


Potential wealth and prosperity land in the NE especially if one of your main areas is located here. Use doors to and from this sector and spend  LOT of time here. Excellent for adults but not so good for children who could suffer from asthma and lung related issues. Add in the Fire element with red colours, lights, candles and/or oil burners. 


Watch out for arguments, accidents and limb problems in the East with a 3 Wood combining with a 7 Metal. If you are in business it can however be good for business wealth. Put a touch of red colour here and a bowl of still water to smooth things over.  


This sector is great for wealth and creativity. Adults should spend time here and add in the Fire element with some red colour. But it is a difficult area for young children this month and the health problems are to do with fingers and hands, gallstones and kidneys. 


The 2 Black for sickness lands here but its better than its sounds. Put your baby Wu Lou, calabash or some round metal objects. But it can also be a good  for wealth opportunities,  particularly in relation to real estate. Women could suffer abdominal and stomach related problems if your bedroom is here. Put some round Metal objects here and play soft piano music. 


 Be careful using knives or sharp tools or objects  in the West this month and children are particularly at risk. Add in some still water or Water colours of black, charcoal or dark blue. 


The North has an energy normally associated with intelligence and good financial acumen but when combined with the 5 Yellow for the year, it can trigger health issues related to the kidneys, bladder, ear and reproductive organs. You’ll need extra Metal here this month. Choose round or rounded objects or plenty of white, silver or gold colour.

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