2018 December Monthly Energies

The new Monthly energies for December move in today, 7th December and stay till the 6th.  January.

If you are experiencing  creativity, success with your studies or romance, that’s because the ruler of the month has these qualities  But watch the romance.  It could be of the 3rd party kind. The combination here is called Glamorous Wood and it is a strong positive energy.

Most Favourable Locations

The most favourable areas this month are the South, Southeast  and West as well as the centre.


The South receives the energy for wealth and prosperity with the 8 Earth element. Spend the here to activate  it. Add in some Fire element as well. It could be a cushion, vase or a light turned on  most of the time.  Watch children in this area as they can be hurt. The red colour will reduce this aspect as well


The 3 Wood in the Southeast combines with the 8 Earth energy for Wealth  to form a very lucky combination called a He Tu combination. Fire will help activate it.   Some red colour, a light  or candle here will activate the combo. But watch children carefully because like the energies in the South, the Wood and Earth here are not good for them, particularly girls.


Your career, study and authority can benefit from the Metal 6 presence in the West. It suggests opportunities in your career and particularly with business wealth. Its best for Earth related occupations like realestate and construction.

The Unfavourable Locations

The unfavourable locations are the North, East, and Northwest.


The 9 Fire lands in the North to join the Annual 5 yellow. Fire makes everything stronger. It can trigger holdups, gambling and eye problems. This area should be avoided and kept very still. Do not use doors here if possible. Put a group of round metal objects here and remove any red colour. Do not put your Christmas tree here.


Illness involving pain and bleeding and money problems  can come with the combination of the Metal of the year and the Monthly sickness energy, 2 Earth. Put your calabash here, some metal colours of white, silver and grey  or play soft piano music to soften this inauspicious energy.


The Northeast is not a good location for the front door or your bedroom this month as  it can trigger arguments, fighting and  problems of the arms and legs.  The youngest son is associated with the NE so he should be careful with Metal objects.


A beautiful energy for wisdom lands in the Southwest where it contributes to the already wonderful energy for career and business success, especially for women. If you spend a lot of time here this month and add in some black, grey, charcoal  or dark blue colours.If your business is involved in a spiritual field and your office is in the SW you are likely to  enjoy recognition and fame.