Christmas Feng Shui Tips

I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah,  Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice and a safe and happy holiday season.

As my culture celebrates Christmas I am often asked such questions as ‘What’s the best place for the Christmas Tree? How can I make the day go as smoothly  as possible? What do I do about  troublesome family members?  How can I avoid burn- out and stress?

Well, I answer these questions with one word. Flow. The better the flow of qi, the better the whole day. Now to be more specific, lets tackle each aspect separately.

The Christmas Tree-Where do I put it?

Firstly on a purely  practical level avoid putting your tree where it’s in the way and people keep knocking into it!

The tree is traditionally decorated with flashing lights, bright colours and sparkly tinsel. And whether the trees  are real,  artificial,  metal or material, they are usually  a triangle shape.   No matter what yours is made  of it will activate the Fire element and make the energy around it  very yang.  So firstly if you know your Flying Stars Qi Map, avoid putting it in an area  where  you’ve been advised not to have Fire because it could have a negative impact.

The best way to advise you is on placement is to take into account the Annual energies for 2018 in conjunction with the   Monthly Energies for December.  With them in mind you can use the following  areas safely;  the Southeast, West, South and Centre to put your tree but avoid candles and too many twinkly lights in the centre.

Avoid the Northwest, the North, East, Southwest  and Northeast. If you have no choice and have to put your tree in one of these locations just avoid red, deep orange, or purple colours on or under the tree. Also its not a good idea to have candles in these locations either. Or come to think of not too many flashing lights.


  1. Decorations come in all sorts of colours but generally, red, green, silver, gold, white and orange.  Red in particular is the colour of joy, passion and vitality. Too much red though can sometimes be overstimulating and lead to irritation and even anger. Children can get overjoyed and that leads to meltdown.
  2. When you put  up decorations you can create a feeling of both fun and harmony by  taking into account the best colours for the location you choose.  I’ve listed them further down.
  3. But overall green can diffuse and relieve stress and it creates a peaceful environment. ‘Cool and peaceful green is the colour of healing and can balance out the Fire or Heat from an excess of red’

So once again using the Annual 2018 and December Monthly Energies as a guide, here is a list of colours for each sector.

South – Black, dark blue green, light blue and orange.

Southwest- silver, gold, white, black and dark blue

West– silver, gold and white

Northwest- yellow, silver, gold, white and black or dark blue

North– yellow silver, gold, white

Northeast– red, deep orange, pink, black and dark blue

East– black, dark blue, grey, charcoal

Centre  green, light blue,

Hang  garlands and lights so they go up at the ends and ‘smile’. Decorations  that hang down at the ends can create a subconscious sadness.

The Table

  1. Anyone who has attended one of my workshops will know that I promote round shapes as the  X  Factor. By that I mean  round or rounded shapes and edging.  Why? Because that is the way to achieve a great feel, to raise the energy levels in a room and for things to flow.
  2. Remember this when you set your table. Choose a table that is round, oval or has round edges. A cloth helps cover edges that are sharp.  In the centre go for circular or oval  platters, round  table mats or cylindrical candle holders if you have them on the table.
  3. Shiny cutlery and glassware add a touch of celebration  and help qi to move easily around the table, creating a wonderful feel.
  4. Avoid a cluttered table because qi needs to be able to meander its way though the objects.

Seating Arrangements

Do you have people coming who don’t necessarily get on well? your seating arrangement can help to improve communication.

  1. Avoid seating people directly opposite each other. This is often too confronting especially if the table is narrow. Offset  the chairs and make sure there is one at each end. Sitting side by side encourages conversation better that sitting directly opposite for those who are shy or ill at ease.
  2. Try to avoid sitting anyone in the line of sight of a sharp corner, either from the architecture or the furniture. It can make them feel uncomfortable or irritable.

Scent Sense

  1. Cinnamon is a calming and cooling Christmas scent.
  2. Pine, Cypress or Eucalyptus scents cleanse an atmosphere of negativity.
  3. Cloves create calm and harmony.
  4. Cloves inserted into oranges and place on the dining table or in the kitchen encourages abundance, money and joy.
  5. Add cinnamon, anise, or nutmeg to mulled wine and it will restore and refresh your own spirit. Because we all know about being frazzled at Christmas no?