February Feng Shui Energies for 2019

Kung Hee Fat Choi Everyone!! Happy New Year!!

The Year of the Yin Earth Pig has begun with the Start of the Lunar New year on the 5th February 

Monday 4th February was the Solar New Year or the Start of Spring in the Chinese Calendar, also called Lichun. 

Over the next 14 days the celebrations will continue as we happily welcome in  the fresh new energy and let go the year of the Yang Earth Dog. 

The Pig loves the good life, food wine and comfort. They are fun loving and generous , representing luck and good fortune. They are peace loving, sincere and truthful.

These are some of the characteristics that will influence the year. 

One thing the Pig loves is spending money, especially on making their home snug and comfortable. But this year the theme is to reign in spending and to save money. 

Unless of course you want to spend you money on making the world a better place, another theme of the year. 

We’ll experience more teams  getting together to collaborate  altruistically for the benefit of mankind and  to devise solutions to problems. Action taking is another theme because there is no time to lose. Individualism and  individual greed will be deplored.  Creativity will dominate as optimism and innovation bubble away to benefit us all. 

In sync with the trend to collaborate, is an emphasis on families particularly renewing or strengthening familial relationships.

February Feng Shui Energies

The Feng Shui Ruler of  the Month is primarily associated with  sickness. So put a group of Metal objects  or your little Wu Lu in the centre of your house and make sure the space is clutter free.

But interestingly this energy is also associated with saving money, a major theme of 2019. I suggest that this is the month to open a new savings account or recommit to paying off that credit card and getting out of debt so you can indeed have money to save instead. 

The best sectors this month are the East, Southeast, South , Southwest and West Remember any energy, positive or negative  is strongest at your front door, bedroom or office. If its positive we can activate it by spending plenty of time in that space. If it’s negative try to avoid it and use other doors if you can.

The main areas to avoid disturbing for the whole year with renovations, digging, banging and drilling are the Southwest, Southeast and Northwest .


This sector has beautiful energy for the year and now a Monthly energy moves in for future wealth, networking and collaborating, especially in relation to careers. Romance can come from your workplace as well. You need an elemental bridge to prevent it leading to stress and this is Earth. Place a square  earthen pot outside in the East for the month and inside some yellow or brown colours. 


A beautiful energy for wisdom , financial acumen and prosperity moves into the Southeast. But you may have to work hard for it. Add in some water colours  of black, dark blue or charcoal in the form of a cushion, a throw, a rug or beautiful object in one of these colours. This will also weaken the Annual energy there for burglary, miscommunication and arguments . No drilling, digging , renovating or banging in this area for the whole year. 


This sector receives the best energy for leadership and career luck. Spend a lot of time here to activate  it and add in some round Metal objects to strengthen it. 


The Annual 5 Yellow resides in the Southwest all year. So this is an especially important area to keep peaceful and quiet otherwise it can affect women negatively. This month though the most vibrant energy for prosperity moves and it weakens the Annual energy. However it is still best for women to avoid the area. Have no red colour here. But for the month of February bring in some yellow colour and place a still bowl of water outside. Remember to remove it on the 6th March. 


The West is the spot to study or  spend time on creative ideas. It can inspire your writing talents and artwork as well as give you a promotion boost with your work. Place some black or dark blue colours here to nourish it. 


This is the area of the Tai Sui or animal of the year, The Pig. The Dog was also highlighted in the Northwest last year but it occupies a different 15 degrees.  Keep the area peaceful and undisturbed. Do not face this direction for long periods of time. It’s better to sit with your back to the NW.

This month a Wood energy moves in bringing possible quarrels and legal disputes. To combat it avoid the area for important discussions. Enter competitions if your front door  or bedroom is in the NW. The energy is very competitive and can help you. 


Some conflict and the possibility of accidents are brought to our attention if your front door, office or bedroom lie in the North part of your house. That means be careful and do not become involved in high risk sports or fast driving. Arguments are a possibility . Once again you need water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey. 


This is a particularly sensitive area for sickness, loss of money and obstacles  this month. Put your bell here and ring it often. Add in other metal objects and metal colours, white, silver and gold. Avoid using doors here if you can and definitely do not create noise here. Remove red colours, candles and oil burners.