March Feng Shui Energies 2019

March Monthly energies begin on the 6th and stay till the 5th April. 

The nature of the month is the beautiful 1 water element which is associated with  financial gain. But combined with the  Annual  Wealth star in the centre, the twosome is associated with  diseases of the reproductive system and ears. It is not something to be afraid of if your home is clutter free and  you have placed some round metal objects in the centre to balance these two elements. 

Without knowing your personal context such as the external environment , the architecture,  internal layout and natal  Qi map of your home amongst other things, the guidelines here can only be considered as general advice. Traditional Feng Shui takes many aspects into account to determine how particular energies might play out.   Also how we use the spaces in our homes and how balanced and aware we are personally,  determines whether or to the energies are activated.  But as a general rule you can place the cures in each section as a precaution and for peace of mind.

They are strongest when they land at your front door, the office, bedroom, kitchen  and rooms that are very active. 

The best stars this month are in the East and Southeast.  Most other sections need to be balanced to avoid challenges. 


The East has the wealth star 8 Earth which combines with the Annual 6 Metal creating the combination known as Fortune on the Mind. This is a really fortunate pairing which means that whatever you express in the East part of your house this month, the energies will help you to achieve. Put a vision board here with all your dreams for the year and add in a touch of yellow colour to strengthen them. 


The 9 Fire element’s presence here this month can trigger flirtation and playful behaviour  especially for the oldest daughter. But the combination  of Fire and the Annual 7 Metal   also creates a fire hazard. Add in some water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey for the month to cool things down. 


The 5 Yellow moves to the South where it combines with the Annual 3 Wood. This combination is associated with getting into trouble because of money,  obstacles, burglary, blockages  and accidents. Delinquency is also a problem and young women could be the ones at risk if they sleep in the South or use this area often. Place a bell here and ring it often this month. 


The Southwest is already a challenging area this year with the 5 Yellow residing here for 2019.  Keep the area quiet and do not disturb the Earth with digging, drilling, banging or renovating for the whole year. Remove any red colours. Now in March watch out for mouth and teeth problems, food poisoning and gossip. The metal of the 7 might help drain the 5 yellow’s power but the combination is still challenging. Add some water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey for the month. 


The West is another area that needs to be kept quiet and peaceful this whole year because of an energy known as 3 Killings. There is also a beautiful energy here that can bring in opportunities for monetary gain. But the 3 Wood moves in this month, changing the equation to one of possible legal disputes and quarrels. But this is a very competitive energy too and it can be good for competitive businesses or if you are in sales. It is good for lawyers and those who want to have more drive and ambition. Place a tiny bit of red here for March. A red tassel on a door here or a red object can symbolically burn off the threat  associated with this energy. 


The Tai Sui or Grand Duke of the year is the Pig and it resides in the Northwest. So this is a major area not to be disturbed by banging, drilling, digging or renovating for the whole year. the Northwest also has a fabulous energy of Fire to bring joyful events or opportunities to meet new people. So take action to make this happen and you are likely to be rewarded. However this same Fire energy is joined but the energy for sickness this month which is strengthened by the Fire. This brings the possibility of eye problems and obstacles in business ventures. Place your little Wu Lu here if you have one or a group of round  metal objects. Play soft piano music here this month to drain the sickness energy.  The males of the could be the ones most affected.


The 6 Metal lands here bring the possibility of females being hurt because it is in a controlling relationship with a 4 Wood for the year. The Wood represents the eldest daughter. Be careful with sharp objects and steer clear of high risk sports. Add in some water colour here as well 


Disputes between women of different generations could erupt in the Northeast in March.  Keep the area very quiet, uncluttered and add in round metal objects, a Wu Lu or white, silver and gold colours.