April Feng Shui Energies

We came under the influences of April Feng Shui energies on 5th April and they stay till the 6th May.

The ruler of the month is a Fire energy that brings socialising, happy events, networking, wealth, beauty and young women into the spotlight!  On the downside it can mean some fuzzy headed thinking and trouble making decisions.  Put a group of  round metal objects in the centre of your home. 

The best areas to spend time are the Southeast, Southwest and Northwest

Don’t forget that the the energies are out their most powerful at the front door, bedroom, kitchen and office. 


The wealth energy lands in the Southeast and it affects women the most, especially the eldest daughter in the family. When it joins with the annual 7 metal energy of the year, it can bring romance and windfall luck. Spend a lot of time here this month.  Put some black or dark blue colour here as well to boost the wealth. 


Good career opportunities and chance of promotion await you in the Southwest this month but be careful of headaches.  Add in a group of round metal objects here as well. This is an area where there should be no disturbing the earth for the whole year as this can trigger obstacles and other misfortunes.


This area has a beautiful energy for wisdom and good financial acumen. It teams up with the annual energy for happy events, joy and wealth, creating even better luck for your career and wealth. Spend plenty of time in your Northwest. Put some black or dark blue colour here for the month, But this is also the area of the Pig, the Grand Duke of the year. Do not disturb the earth here this year because it can cause  misfortune. 

The most challenging area are the West and North.


The monthly sickness energy lands in the West and besides drawing attention to your need to look  after your health, it can also mean an imbalance in the relationship between husband and wife. Put your baby calabash here or play some soft  piano music and introduce some metal colours of white, silver and gold to weaken this possibility, 


A 4  wood energy moves into the South part of your home, joining up with an annual 3 Wood energy. Theses two Woods  can  trigger  emotional  and mental upsets this month if your front door, bedroom office is in the South. Put some red colour here to symbolically burn it off.


Put your bell and ring it often in the North because the 5 yellow lands here and it is traditionally associated with misfortune. Here in the North it can mean loss of money. If you are already suffering from breast cancer, do not spend time here. If your bedroom is in the North, move to another room for the month. 


Enter competitions this month to take advantage of the 3 Wood here in April, which is a very competitive energy.  But watch out for  irritability, conflict in relationships and legal problems . Once again add in some white, silver and gold colours  to weaken the chance of conflict. Dont hold any important discussion in the Northeast this month, 


The East is one of the best areas for the year with wonderful energy for careers and promotion.  But the  energy that now joins it means that the area becomes one of conflict and disagreement. Be careful with metal tools to avoid injury. Add in some water colours of black and dark blue for the month, to bring balance to the spaces here.