How Your Home Tells a Story About You

In a myriad of ways our homes tell stories about us.


In the most obvious way we can usually tell a lot about a person by the design and  size of their house and way they have set it up with furniture and objects.  We get an idea about their financial and personal status, interests, talents, what matters to them and even a sense of their personality  through this observation. 

  But would this cursory glance tell us whether each family member feels safe, secure and connected? 

Or could we observe that people in this house feel uncomfortable, ill, overwhelmed, controlling, disconnected or unable to fulfil a dream?

All will be revealed in an upcoming Workshop on the 2nd August at the Box Hill Community Centre. 

Feng Shui’s many layers of observation can uncover the hidden story in a building as it explores the relationship between you and your home.

 It can pinpoint both the visible and invisible layers in its energetic makeup to help explain your experiences. It can tell why you might feel uncomfortable in some rooms, why you are struggling with some aspect of your life, why you might have a health condition or even why your children don’t listen to you. 

Most importantly it sets about giving you strategies to make all the difference to how your life unfolds. 

My Master, Edgar Lok Tin Yung, tells me the in Hong Kong the Masters are called in  when a family has  a problem. But unlike here in Australia the family deliberately  gives no  clues to the Master about what is wrong. 

Through observation, the Masters  have to work out what is happening and who it is happening to.  If they get it right then they are hired. 

You will be introduced to some of these secrets in this new upcoming Feng Shui Workshop in Box Hill on Friday 2nd August. Bring along your floor plan and come prepared to be surprised!

When;  2nd August 2019
Time;    6.00-9.00pm. 
Where;  Box Hill Community Arts Centre
470 Station St
Box Hill
Cost $70  Supper provided.

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Class numbers are limited so get in early. 

For any further enquiries call Fran on 0437 072 027