May Monthly Energies


The May Monthly energies moved in on the 6th and stay till the 6th June.This is a very significant month for two reasons. Firstly the energy map is exactly the same as the energy map of the year, meaning that the positive energies are doubly fortunate and the negative are doubly challenging.. 

Secondly the whole year of the Yin Earth Pig is significant in that it is a year of  transition and change So the doubling in May means it heightens the big changes both on a global and personal level. 

The areas of your home where the energies are are their most powerful are the front door and entrance, the bedroom and kitchen.  These are areas where we spend so much time. depending on their nature this month you either avoid them in particular or aim to spend more time in them. When we spend more time an area we  activate them by our presence.

The most favourble compass locations are the East, North, Northwest and West.


This is the very best location of the year and if your front door is here this month you can expect excellent money luck, even a windfall.  Luck  in your  career, promotion and an increase in responsibility and leadership are all on the cards. If your office, front door, kitchen  or bedroom  are in the East its also very good for you. Add in a round Metal object or Metal colours of white, silver and gold. Not too much though. The very best way to activate this luck is to spend time here. But you can add some water colours of black or dark blue as well to smooth over the potential harm that is hidden here.


Romance and love shine on you  as well as good fortune in  examinations, travel, wisdom, academic research, writing and artistic pursuits in your North sector.  Too much water here can attract scandal or an affair. A pair of  mandarin ducks is traditionally associated with the desire for romance so put them in the North of your house the North of your bedroom.  Spend lots of time here either for love, the opportunity to travel  or study success. 


The Northwest is the location of the Grand Duke, the PIg of the year. So for the whole year there should be no renovating, or disturbing the earth with digging, drilling or banging. 

However a second Fire energy here can bring you the opportunity for new friendships, clients and joyful events with either family or friends. Networking will really help your work and business opportunities and the chance of recognition is high. Wealth and romance are also highlighted by this energy.  The extra Fire can however negatively affect the male/father/husband of the home so you will need some Earth to tame it. Add in some yellow colour or a square earthen pot. 


The West brings you extra opportunities for financial gain in May. It’s a good month to learn a new skill and your career will receive the benefit. This is another area that should not be disturbed though so keep it calm with no renovating or disturbing the earth. Do not bang doors either. Add in a water feature or water colours of black or dark blue. 

The more challenging areas are the Southwest, Southeast  and Northeast. 


In the Southwest remove any red  or deep orange colour and add in a group of  round metal objects or a metal pagoda or ring a bell here often. This is a very challenging area this month. If your front door is in the SW avoid using it and choose another one instead. If your bedroom is here and you have the option of another bedroom then its best to move to that one. Also no digging, drilling, renovating or banging here. Keep it very very quiet to avoid accidents, money worries, legal problems and holdups. 


The NE has double sickness energy accumulating  this month. The Earth areas of the body are the most likely to be affected such as stomach , digestive system and spleen. Pregnant women should avoid sleeping here. Keep your self in very good health with your diet, exercise, meditation and by avoiding stress. Add in a Wu Lou or your baby calabash and avoid spending time here. 


This area can stir up anger, violence, burglary and arguments this month. It can particularly affect the eldest  daughter. You need to avoid any loud noises and digging, drilling, banging or renovating as well as  noisy talking.  If you have important things to discuss do not hold the discussion in your SE. Add in a large bowl of still water outside and inside add in water colours of black and dark blue. 


The South is a mixed bag of energies. On the one hand it is good for business wealth or those involved in legal occupations. But for everyone else and particularly men it brings irritability, possible legal problems, burglary, gossip, conflict  and/or arguments.  Add in some red colour to burn it off and don’t spend much time here. Keep the space calm and quiet. 


The centre is a double wealth area in May so spend lots of time here too! Add in white or pink quartz crystal or citrine for money and prosperity and some yellow colour. It is best if your centre is open. Remove any clutter here and if you are thinking of buying or selling real estate this is good month to do it.