Peach Blossom Romance Formula

Are you looking for your soul mate? Well let me introduce you to a special formula called the Peach Blossom Romance formula.

To use it you first need to find the romance spot in your home

This romance area is  different for everybody and once it’s activated, it can help you attract a partner into your life.

 But there’s even better news! In a special offer I want to give you two separate spots to activate, using two different Peach Blossom methods.

This can help you bring in your new romance faster. 

 This second one must be used this year only.  It is not going to work next year when a new area will be the prominent one. The very good news about this second method is that I also calculate the very best date to put the activation in place. 

Just be careful that you use it only to attract a new romantic partner. It is not a method to bring peace to troubled relationships that already exist. For that to happen you would need to turn to the Flying Stars Feng Shui method which can help smooth over troubled relationships, assuming both partners want the same outcome.

For $18.00 you will find out where your personal Peach blossom is located, and how and when to activate it.  You just need to fill in the form below to send me your birth details, including year, month, and day of you birth. Add in the hour of your birth if you know it. 
After filling in the form below click on the PayPal Button.  Within 48 hours you will receive the instructions for where to put an activation and the favourable date to do it.