Looking After Your Home-Looking After Yourself

When it comes to looking after yourself you can start by looking around your home. A home is not simply four walls that shelter you from the elements or a place to rush in and out of while your real life happens elsewhere. Ideally it’s a nurturing, living thing like a comfortable arm chair in which you feel safe , valued  and loved.

But it can be a place that holds secrets. More

The Predecessor Law

This article is published in the September issue of Balance on Line, a wonderful wellbeing web site.

There is a fascinating principle in Feng Shui known as The Predecessor Law. This law recognises that events that have happened before in a building, will happen again. More

Surviving the Winter Blues

Autumn is over —so short and beautiful — and we have slid into winter with a thud.  The light fades by 5.30 and cold   grey skies have us scurrying into the warmth and security of our homes.  More


Finding Your Peach Blossom Direction

If you’ve come here because you’ve read my article in  The Alternative Voice, you’ll want  to know your Day Animal. Click this link to the calculator to add your details. All  you need to do is fill in  your year, month, day of birth and your gender. Then click ‘compute’.  In the chart,  your Day Animal is the one in the second column from the left.

Once you have identified your Day Animal, return to the article in The Alternative Voice or read the original article here, to match the animal with your Peach Blossom location. Then all you need to do is put your specific attractor there.

Four Pillars Calculator



There are a number of case studies here which are designed to show you how Feng Shui works in everyday life.

Dragons on Site

Published in The Peninsular Alternative, 2005

It is a delicious feeling to know that a house can help transform a life. Fran shares a Feng Shui case study of a house bought in 1999. She examines what has happened to its owner and her fortunes since then. Often Feng Shui works over time to provide a gradual increase in serendipity rather than instant overnight success. This is what happened to Maria……….More

Feng Shui and Natal Charts in Your Home

Published inThe Alternative Voice, March/ April 2011

The following story demonstrates with poignant clarity just how Feng Shui works and how our environment is intimately connected to our inner world.

In November 2009 I was consulted by a client who had married a widower the previous year. His first wife had died several years earlier after being hit by a car. His still traumatized children, two girls and a boy, were now in their teens. Since her marriage, my client had been slowly connecting to them with warmth and empathy, but it hadn’t been easy…….More

De clutter to Re- Energise

A fun way to tackle a difficult task

I had a dream the other night.  In the scene I was standing at the front of a small house where I knew my daughter lived. Her house was on the same block as my house, where she’d grown up. Nearby was a young man, and I was telling him that the area outside her little place used to have all sorts of junk piling up. But now it was completely gone.  I told him I was thinking of putting in a brick pathway leading to her door….More

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