Dragons on Site- A Case Study

Having walked away from a 30 year marriage, Maria was depressed, exhausted, and riddled with guilt. it was her daughter in-law who found the house, suggesting it might be a good buy.

It was a 1920s cottage outside Melbourne , built on the high side of a busy road and nestled behind a bank of eucalypts. She knew immediately that it was right for her. It felt good. It suited her furniture. But most of all it promised a measure of security and stability

When we are consciously aligned to our environment we are more likely to be open to who we are and what we can become.

When a house is born, different kinds of chi ‘land’ in different areas, giving it a propensity for certain kinds of experiences to be had there. Feng Shui is about balancing the various chi to create a healthy life force energy. This balance consciously aligns us to our environment, making us are more likely be open to who we are and what we can achieve.

Shortly after moving in, Maria invested in a Feng Shui analysis.  In the assessment external factors always come  first.

Normally it is inadvisable to live too close to a busy road as chi rushes past, taking abundance with it. Although on a main road, her house was set back on a small rise, giving her a good vantage point. A pathway ran along between the road and a row of trees, allowing chi to slow down and enter her property. A strong building behind gave her support and two schools nearby ensured that the energy of children would infiltrate her life.

She was told that Feng Shui is a little like house astrology. The reading or natal chart of  her house, potentially had chi for abundance but also illness. Most houses have both good and bad chi . There is no such thing as a perfect house but some houses are better than others. Harmony comes with correct placement of furniture and the elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Colours, materials, shapes and decorative objects to bring in the elements, were carefully chosen  by Maria and  where possible the  rooms were matched to the kind of activity indicated by the energies, or stars, as they are known.

Let’s take a peek at what happened.

The time leading up to 2004 had mixed blessings. Her adjustment to living alone wasn’t instant and she slept with the light and radio on for months.

Then, out of the blue, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In shock she wondered if things could get worse. But to her great relief, it had been identified in its early stages. It hadn’t spread to the surrounding tissue and she recovered after 6 weeks of radiotherapy.

Conceivably, the cancer was an old emotional wound surfacing to be healed in a new environment. It was to prove a turning point for her.

Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily create totally trouble free lives. What it does is lessen the impact of troubles by allowing us to deal with them more swiftly and effectively.

Feng Shui operates in terms of different ages. The years between 1984 and 2003 are known as Age 7 and some of the influences considered lucky then, changed as we moved into Age 8 in 2004.  The most powerful chi are particularly important. They are called the Water Dragon and the Mountain Dragon.

The yang Water Dragon governs wealth while the yin Mountain Dragon governs health and relationships. The Water Dragon needs movement and activity, and is most auspicious if  at a doorway facing a road. The Mountain Dragon prefers bedrooms and quietness.

Until 2004, Maria’s Mountain Dragon was at the front door while the Water Dragon was in the lounge room. This wasn’t ideal for health but she avoided using the front door to create more stillness there.

She joined a Dream group to work through trauma, bringing new friends into her life. On doctor’s orders she joined a gym, grew fit and strong, lost weight and bought bright new clothes to match her new self. Four beautiful grandchildren were born and tiny dreams took hold.

Tentatively she travelled to Hong Kong with a friend in 2001. Then in the bravest move of her life she flew alone to India . Her courage marked the start of a love of travel that took her to England, Italy, Turkey and Greece .

But always waiting for her was her home. She loved returning, bringing exotic buys, adding to its warmth with rugs, cushions, objects and photos.

She looked years younger than her age, astonishing her family with the changes. By the end of 2003 she would look at photos of herself taken before her transformation and wonder “Who was that woman?”

In 2004 the new Dragons took up different positions; the Water Dragon to the very active back door and the Mountain Dragon to her bedroom. Almost perfect. Nothing could be sweeter for wealth, relationships and health.

And just when she thought she couldn’t possibly be happier, the new Mountain Dragon wove its magic. Unexpectedly, a long term friendship deepened into a profound fulfilling love.

The quality of Maria’s life has been enriched since buying her house 6 years ago. A frightened woman has transformed into a vibrant, confident one. Her own strength has forged the changes. But good Feng Shui has allowed positive life forces to nourish her along the way. She has taken advantage of it and the result is a powerful creative duo.

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