Business Revival Plan

A Business Revival focuses on re energising your business to give you the  best possible chance to maximise your potential profits and lift your productivity.  It considers your office layout and flow and identifies the factors that may be  contributing energetically to any issues you are facing.  Flow and a balanced, harmonious premises are  paramount to the success of a business.

A consultation   includes;

  • An assessment of how the external landforms and traffic flow impact your business premises.
  • Locating the wealth energies and advising you how to take advantage of them.
  • Creating the best match between your activities and the spaces within the building, for example the best rooms and layouts  for reception, meeting rooms, administration, sales and marketing.
  • Advice on best desk positions for you and each employee so you work more productively.
  • An analysis of how energies coming in the door match your business product or service.
  • Identifying  any disharmony and blockages holding the business back.
  • Showing you how to utilise the energies to make use of  other specific qualities to benefit the  business, for example good financial management or networking.
  • Matching energies in each office  with the occupants’ own personal element (Ming Gua) for contented staff.
  •  Room by room Flying Stars advice on choice of materials, colours and shapes  as well as furniture placement.
  • Annual Influences.

Each job is quoted separately.  The quote will vary depending on the number of employees, the size of the premises and the extent of the brief. Starting price $550.

Business Revival Plus Astrology

Chinese astrology reading can be provided for each staff member, based on their birth details including, year, month, day, hour and place of birth. These can be extremely helpful in determining a person’s best skills, tendencies, working partners, best environment  and outlook. The readings  can help an individual who is at a cross roads, to make quality decisions about their life, including their working life.

Add Astrology for each employee.  Normally valued at $150, for each employee this package offers the astrology at $110 each.