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Planning on buying or leasing a property?

Recently I checked out a house for a client who was looking to buy. The house she was considering looked  good but she still wanted me to do a Feng Shui audit to see what kind of energies were circulating and how well the house would support her for wealth, health and overall happiness.

When I checked, using the Flying Stars formula, it was obvious that the house would be good for relationships, but would not be good for generating money. As she planned on using one of the rooms as a home office for her business, it didn’t look promising.

Added to that was that she could have been seriously affected healthwise, by the energy in the main bedroom.

As a result she decided against buying it.  Interestingly, it turned out the owners could not get the price they wanted and took it off the market, proving the point that it wasn’t a money generating house. My client was saved years of potential drain on her finances.

A Feng Shui Pre Purchase Plan can  give you this kind of insurance against a poor investment, misfortune or a mismatch between your needs and the house’s resident energies.  A property may look good, but that’s not the whole picture.

The Pre Purchase Plan

For a small price you can check out how well your intended home  will support you for years to come. Whether buying or renting, you will have peace of mind that this building will be the best buy. It will be compatible with you and your family’s needs and will work with you to bring support, health and happiness.

Generally this appraisal can be done without an onsite visit. Once you check in with me about a property you will receive a report within 48 hours. The report explains the pros and cons of the building in relation to your needs and gives it a score out 10 with a ranking above 7 meaning  you can confidently buy or rent this building because it will support you.

Using the Flying Stars Method, I provide you with the following vital information including;

  • Matching the home to your specific needs.
  • Checking its location for how well it receives the most vibrant energies and determining their potential impact on your health, wealth and happiness.
  • Taking into account roads, surrounding buildings, sources of electro magnetic radiation and more for their impact on you and the building.
  • Identifying how well the architectural layout encourages energy flow
  • Understanding how well the bedroom locations will nuture each occupant.

You need to provide me with the year the house was built, a floor plan and dates of birth of each family member. I use various online tools for my assessment and recommendations.


Feng Shui Pre Purchase Plan

Single storey $147

Double-         $237

To ensure that you are buying a home that will energetically support you and your family, give me a call on 0427 072 027.

Or fill in the form here for your appraisal.




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