Remote Revival Plan

Feng Shui can be performed from anywhere in the world, without an on- site visit.

All the benefits of the three  Revival Plans are available for this remote option except there is no on site visit.  Also, the Shopping part of the Ultimate plan is replaced with extra time and opportunity for you to send photos of products for approval before you buy. A Remote Consultation gives you the chance to gain the benefits of Feng Shui via Skype or via email.

This kind of consultation assesses the energies in your building as well as the surrounding landforms. It provides you with  all the treatments for qi flow as in the Revival Plans as well as room by room advice on materials, colours and shapes to activate good energies or weaken positive ones and of course furniture placement and room use.

Similar to the on- site Revival,  it assesses how your property supports you job and talents. It shows you how you can  use the energies in your building to give you the best possible chance to maximise your personal potential.

The consultation focuses on creating harmony in your home and attracting better opportunities for wealth, health and happiness.

The Process

In order to do a Remote Revival, it is essential that your building is visible  on Google Earth.

If so, then I send you a questionnaire and checklist on the interior and exterior features of your home as well as requests for photographs and a detailed floor plan. This will also be your chance to tell me what issues have arisen for you whilst living in this home.

You need to know the year the building was built and time and details of any renovations that have been carried out.

A detailed report will be sent to you giving you advice on what to do to harmonise the resident energies and the Annual visiting energies.

Remote Residential  from $415