Testimonials for Feng Shui Fran

I met Fran at one of her Feng Shui with Style Workshops and afterwards, booked her for a consultation on my home and new business, Lux Design Group. At the time, the business was experiencing  inconsistent and unpredictable income and we wanted it to be much better.  As soon as I put in one of the main cures at home, we secured 3 new clients and our income has improved steadily since then!

Many people who have come to our home recently have noticed a difference in its energy. The changes I have made are subtle but powerful and I was able to apply the Feng Shui to suit our own preferred tastes and style. It has brought us to a new level of contentment and we feel like we are better people as a result. Thank you Feng Shui Fran!   Kathy Grant, Lux Design Group, South  Yarra. 


We had been in our house for three years and finally felt somewhat ‘settled’. After the initial move, making a few minor changes to the house and garden and then adding a new baby to the mix – I decided the house needed ‘reviewing’ by an independent person and so I called

Fran for a Feng Shui consultation. With myself, a husband, 2 children and a cat to take into account, Fran considered the age of our house (both original and renovation), the orientation and the land on which it sits. Inaddition, Fran also looked at our Chinese astrology and determined our ‘best directions’ foreach individual.

Prior to Fran’s visit we had a burglary; my husband had issues at work with women and aggressive behaviour towards him, as well as injuries from sport. My son was very angry and aggressive all the time. There was a dead tree (neighbour’s) overlooking our house that was going to lead to long-term health issues. My freelance business was not generating much work and we all seemed to be in a fog of negativity and monotony. This wasn’t a nice environment to be in and I wanted a calmer, happier environment for my sensitive, new baby girl.

Following Fran’s visit – the energy of the house has ‘balanced’ and ‘lifted’, generally making it a nicer place to live. By implementing Fran’s suggestions the place is much calmer and my son’s aggression has mostly lessened. My husband issues with females at work have resolved and the dead tree overlooking our house has been removed. There is a sense of joy and fun throughout the house and we are all more relaxed. Kirsty Traill, Essendon, 2016.

A Thriving Business

Hi Fran just to let you know, since opening the shop it has been amazing! We have been flat out with people sitting in as well as take away. At times we have had 5 of us or more serving. We are selling quicker than I can replace items!  Along with that we have the wholesalers waiting to buy from us. Thank you, Feng Shui Fran  for everything! Langford’s Patisserie, Moroolbark


Fran, since your visit, the back area of my garden has been totally redesigned and been replanted with some tall trees (bigger than me) and new plants. And now of course I can see the whole garden, rather than have a separated hedged garden room. Made me wonder how sometimes we block our own light from others. I have struggled ‘being seen’ authentically and have been perplexed why, given my experience and the warm regard and appreciation others have for me and my work.

The other most helpful change has been the softness that now pervades the house and the relationship between my son and myself. It is less verbally combative (we are both fast talkers and thinkers) and have more patience with each other, and are more happily playful, and more easily able to repair our feelings. Dampening the metal, and having moving and still water outside has balanced out our day to day dynamics. And the water is so lovely to listen to. You can hear the east/southeast water feature sitting on the back verandah like low level background music. Julie- Louise Miller, Castlemaine, Victoria


Designing and Building Our Home

We recently finished building a house and moved in late last year. It was designed from the word go in accordance with Feng Shui principles. The result is a space that is beautiful and peaceful and people regularly say this to us when visiting for the first time.

Fran came to us half way through the process on recommendation from our longstanding Feng Shui practitioner who retired.

We found her to be approachable, and professional and she took a keen interest in the whole process. Her advice supported and complimented our own aesthetic style.   The final overall effect of the Feng Shui recommendations on materials, shapes and colours, is amazing.

What was also really helpful was Fran’s responsiveness. I would often want input on a decision from a Feng Shui perspective regarding a matter raised by the builder and Fran was quick to respond when I came to her with these requests.
Belinda, Hawthorn East


An Accurate Astrology Reading

Fran your Chinese astrology prediction about me was scarily accurate. You said I’d be traveling in 2013 (back in 2010 or 2011 when you said this it seemed so far away) and as it turns out I have been given a grant to go to Savannah Georgia to present a paper. I’ll be in New Orleans as well as  Alabama and Mississippi.  I’ll only be gone for 2 weeks but I’m pretty excited since it’s my second time on a plane and first time overseas!  Kaz, Blackburn

Feng Shui Made All the Difference When We sold Our House!

We recentlly called in Fran to give us some Feng Shui advice when we put our unit on the market. The changes she recommended to help the sale  were subtle and didn’t involve any major overhaul. But I believe they certainly made a difference.  We had intended to go to auction but it sold well before that date and we got considerably more than we expected. Thank you Fran.   Gabrielle, Blackburn South.

Water Features Bring Success

Fran, after your last consultation with me  I  turned my fountain on on the day you advised and I have had some interesting things happen. When they have happened I have thought back to what you said, “You will have windfalls, maybe not lotto but other windfalls.”
So far I have had;

  1. A cheque from my insurance company for being a loyal customer.
  2. Every time I think about buying something I give it some thought and a great deal comes along,  eg I purchased a rug in the colour you suggested for my lounge, it was online for 99.00 and postage. I tried to buy it but the credit card payment just wouldnt go through. I thought oh I will try again tomorrow or maybe just go somewhere and get it. Then  I get an email from a completely different company $57 including postage.  Had it in 24 hours.
  3. I have puchased another car got a great deal.
  4.  I went for an interview yesterday with an agency for another job. I got it but investigated the role properly and  got all the facts and have turned it down.
  5. All this however has enlightened the fact that things can change at any tick of the clock. You just have to be open!  Chris Dineen, Frankston South.Wonderful Flow Of Energy

    I have been meaning to email you about the wonderful flow of energy that the girls and I are experiencing since the Feng Shui of our new home. I have applied all your recommendations and  the results have been amazing! I have received so many bookings and referrals for my services from clients! Old clients have returned and new clients are so complimentary with new referrals and even showering me with gifts! Last week, I received the most beautiful bouquet of white orchids that looked like Angel Wings

My girls are also feeling the benefits from your Feng Shui Consultation. A few weeks ago, my daughter, Natassia found a great Beauty Therapy placement for her VCAL studies close to home and her employer is paying her great rates with a recent pay rise even though she is not obliged to do so. The same employer has also offered her extra work on Saturdays and Thursday nights! Interestingly, even my fourteen year old daughter was asked to sing at the wedding of one of her primary school teachers whom she has not seen for three years. Arianne did a great job for the church ceremony and received a surprise payment of $200.00 for her services! She even has future bookings for forthcoming weddings from people who attended her teacher’s wedding!

I am convinced that all these wonderful opportunities are the magical workings of your Feng Shui Consultation and the auspicious energies of the current month that you mentioned in one of your recent emails. Our new home has such a beautiful energy and everyone who visits always comments upon this! It has quickly become ‘the gathering’ house as all our friends just love spending time here with us! Thank you so much Fran for helping to make our new home a special place that truly supports us in many ways!
Many Blessings, Norma Budinski, Bulleen, Victoria


Here is what Gen from Port Melbourne, said when she dealt with the clutter under the stairs in the centre of her house. The centre of a house is very important. It needs to be open and uncluttered so that qi can gather and spread.

I have had so much more energy since clearing out the room under the stairs. I feel like I have more head space. I feel more alive! Gen, Port Melbourne