My clients tell their stories about how Feng Shui has improved their lives 

 An Accurate Astrology Reading

Fran your Chinese astrology prediction about me was scarily accurate. You said I’d be traveling in 2013 (back in 2010 or 2011 when you said this it seemed so far away) and as it turns out I have been given a grant to go to Savannah Georgia to present a paper. I’ll be in New Orleans as well as  Alabama and Mississippi.  I’ll only be gone for 2 weeks but I’m pretty excited since it’s my second time on a plane and first time overseas!  Kaz, Blackburn

Feng Shui Made All the Difference When We sold Our House! 

We recentlly called in Fran to give us some Feng Shui advice when we put our unit on the market. The changes she recommended to help the sale  were subtle and didn’t involve any major overhaul. But I believe they certainly made a difference.  We had intended to go to auction but it sold well before that date and we got considerably more than we expected. Thank you Fran.   Gabrielle, Blackburn South.


My daughter just kept meeting obstacles!

My daughter  finished her studies in midwifery a few months ago and despite gaining really good marks, and applying for many jobs, just could not get a position.  It seemed like everywhere she turned there was some kind of obstacle in her way.  

All her life she’s  been a competent, positive person,  who was proud that she could  make things happen. So these knock backs were very hard for her month after month. 

I offered her a  Feng Shui consultation on her home where she lived with her husband and two children. Fran had already  Feng Shui’ed our own home and had helped turn my son’s life around.  He was lacking in direction.  Her advice for him had been to  change his bed position and put in the correct elements  and colours.  This would  help him study.  He did take up study; Japanese and what’s more, he met a Japanese girl in the class and now they are engaged!

So I thought she might be able to help my daughter.

After Fran had visited her, I went over and helped her apply the advice.   We set about  putting remedies in place including painting the wall in the family room a Fire colour to activate the wealth energy and put a tall Metal feature outside in the garden,  to weaken the energy that was  producing obstacles, as Fran had  advised. 

Last week she went for an interview for another job and  today she  rang me to announce that she’d got  the position.  Its at a hospital just 20 minutes from her home.   She was crying with relief.  The long wait is over.   Chris, Glen Waverley.

I am So Grateful

Fran, thank you so much, you are great and I am very grateful for Nicola introducing you to me. Finally, I have found someone who understands me and can help me…its been a long time coming, let me tell you….thank you.  Tina,  Reservoir

An unexpected little Windfall 

I have received $2500 (unexpected) since your visit so how about that for refreshing my dragons!!   Mary Ellen,  Belgrave.

A MARKED Difference

I have to report a MARKED difference since you came last week. Particularly between my husband and I. The energy is quite noticeably different and far better. Thank you so much Fran.   Sarah, Balaclava.

A Positive Impact

‘We have come to appreciate the science of Feng Shui through Fran’s professional and abundant advice.  Applying the Feng Shui principles and cures have positively impacted on many areas of our lives.  The whole family looks forward to Fran’s annual visit and the remarkable results.  Fran is very professional, very knowledgeable and kindly shares her wisdom. With many thanks and appreciation.’Bettina Pfannkuch & Co.

A great Yoga school in Frankston South, Victoria, AustraliaBettina established a yoga business in 2012, running it from her  home, set in a beautiful natural setting. This is what she had to say after the check up in February 2013.

I had a private yoga session last night…..and the the energy was amazing….the house feels different too….

A Beautiful and Peaceful Space to Live In

We recently finished building a house and moved in late last year.  It was designed from the word go in accordance with Feng Shui principles. The result is a space that is beautiful and peaceful and people regularly say this to us when visiting for the first time.

Fran came to us half way through the process on recommendation from our longstanding Feng Shui practitioner who retired.

We found her to be approachable, and professional and she took a keen interest in the whole process. Her advice supported and complimented our own aesthetic style.   The final overall effect of the Feng Shui recommendations on materials, shapes  and colours, is amazing.

What was also really helpful was Fran’s responsiveness. I would often want input on a decision from a Feng Shui perspective regarding a matter raised by the builder and Fran was quick to respond when I came to her with these requests.

Fran has also charted our Chinese Astrology and we have found this to be invaluable in giving us an alternative way of understanding our family’s needs.  Belinda, Hawthorn East

Things Looked Brighter Instantly

Moving into my new home 3 years ago was meant to be exciting but for me it was quite stressful as it felt very unsettling and uncomfortable. I was at my wits end so called on Fran as a last resort before I called a real estate office. 

My whole life seemed hard and each direction led me to a brick wall. I happily followed Fran’s Feng Shui recommendations and things looked  brighter instantly. To have guests come in a comment on how good certain rooms feel, is great as these rooms in particular were my ‘problem’ areas. We also had a property on the market for 8 months with no luck in selling it…….it has now not only sold but settled within 28 days. 

I am so grateful to Fran for her expertise, sensitivity and support in this life altering process. I look forward to our yearly visits where together we can ensure that my environment and I are in complete harmony. 

I am so very grateful to have met her and thank her for all the positive changes I am lucky enough to see each day. Lin V. South Morang 

A Big Impact on Our Wellbeing and Finances

Fran has been consulting for our family home, using Feng Shui principles since 2009 which was a very challenging year for us,  in particular for my two step daughters. Fran recognized how the energies in the house had contributed to their experiences of illness and accidents. We really appreciate the impact that Fran’s guidance has made on our overall wellbeing and finances. It is now our ‘normal’ practice to have Fran return each year to set us up for the following 12 months with the Annual influences and advice.   Gen, Port Melbourne

My Daughter is on the Road to Recovery

“I discovered Fran Gleeson through an alternative therapy magazine.  I was especially impressed with the medical approach to Feng shui that Fran took in the article.  My daughter has had anorexia nervosa since 2006 and I had a feeling that there was just something not right about her room.  Sure enough with Fran’s excellent help, she advised that my daughter’s bed was actually positioned in a very negative energy area for illness.  After moving her room around and placing some cures, the energy of her room is completely different.  And, although she is not 100% recovered, she seems to be on a road to recovery by owning her problem and seeking extra help to get it.  The rest of the house feels as though it is vibrating at a higher frequency with the assistance of Fran.  I highly recommend her to you.” Jacalyn T. Mornington Peninsula

Positive Results have Made Feng Shui a Normal Part of Our Lives

“Our family has been using the principles of Feng Shui for many years under the guidance of Fran. We have a number of businesses that we wanted to financially support with these principles to enhance their success and that of our families health and wellbeing. Once we started using the principles and saw the positive results, it now part of our lives to have our Annual Energies and a consultation done at the start of each new year” – Katrina, Inverloch.

Everyone Loves Coming to our House

‘ The house has become so relaxing. Everyone loves coming to our house because it is so calming and inviting.’Carole, Eltham.

I Want to be There More

‘Loving the subtle changes. Can’t quite explain it and not there was a problem before but somehow it makes me want to be here more.  Carmel Scaringi.’ Get Intuit Life Coach, NLP Access, Bars Practitioner

The Energy Feels Fabulous

I feel so blessed that you have Feng Shuid my home. Friends and clients are commenting on how fabulous the energy is. Sue, Mornington.

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