Top 3 Feng Shui Tips for Fertility

Have you been trying to start a family? Maybe you’ve gone through a long, drawn- out process of attempting different tests and treatments all to no avail?

You may not know that Feng Shui has a long history of helping to speed up fertility, in couples who are otherwise healthy, but for whom its just not happening.

I am now launching a new service, drawing on ancient strategies, specifically targeted to help you if you are in this situation.

So, if your doctor has assured you that there is no physical reason why you can’t bear a child, you maybe surprised to discover that part of the answer could lie in your surroundings.

Making changes to your environment, can empower you to pave the way for improved chances of success.

I am offering a 10% discount with this launch to give you the chance to access established strategies and boost your chances of success.

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Your Home Environment Needs to be Nurturing

Just like your physical body, the environment you live and work in has a life force of its own. When this life force is depleted of vitality, it impacts the quality of your life emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

According to Feng Shui, specific phenomena in your environment can be sources of this depletion. Externally the environment around your home plays a major role in the quality of qi that can enter and nurture you. Internally, your home can express a sense of abundance or a sense of lack, which may even reflect your own outlook on life and yourself.

Once identified, targeted strategies can introduce more comfort and nourishment into your home, raising the levels of vibrancy in your surroundings, along with your chances of parenthood.

To get you started, I want to give you 3 strategies you can try straight away.

Begin by looking at your home differently. Think of it as a body. Some say your body is like a temple. Well, so is your home and the more we respect it, the more it supports us.

1. The Front Door  white open front door

  • The front door area of your home is known as the mouth of qi (pronounced chi). It’s where the most vibrant energy enters and gathers. We want it to be able to spread effortlessly around, nourishing the whole house. For this to happen, the mouth needs to be open as wide as possible
  • So check out its condition. Is the door itself in disrepair? Fix it. Can it open freely or does it get stuck? Is the entrance hall looking a bit grungy or lifeless? Bring it to life, by cleaning up any clutter, including shoes, jackets and odds and ends thrown on the hall table. Then clean, vacuum, dust and polish till everything sparkles and shines. Fresh flowers do wonders to raise the energy too.
  • What do you see immediately outside the door? Any drooping or dead plants? Anything broken, out of place or sharp and spiky? Remove them and make the area welcoming and healthy looking. Putting in a new larger doormat signifies a sense of welcome to new things.

2. The External Environment

  • Look beyond the door. There are certain negative environmental forces that can be sources of poisonous life force energy which not only deplete energy but can contribute to the sense of lack. They are called ‘shar qi’ or poisonous arrows and include things like;
  • tall buildings that dominate yours
  • sharp corners on surrounding structures pointing at your door
  • a cul de sac in the street
  • dead trees, poles, lamps
  • ugly piles of rubbish
  • cars in disrepair

If you can see them from your front door, either remove them or shield them from view. Try blocking them with a hedge, a fence, a row of fast growing trees, or decorative wall.

3. Feng Shui Bedroom sideofbedandlamp

Finally, inside the house, the bedroom needs special attention. You need to build up the potential for harmony and balance between you and your partner and within yourself.

  • Remove any sources of electro magnetic radiation, including portable phones, mobiles, mobile chargers, TVs, computers and digital radios. They can damage your health and some research even suggests they can impact your hormones.
  • Clear away any clutter, under beds, in cupboards and drawers. You will notice a lift in energy straight away.
  • Remove small tables or storage compartments from the end of your bed.
  • Keep doors to your ensuite closed.
  • If the door to the room is opposite the pillows, especially on the left hand side when looking from the bed end, place a screen between the bed and the door.
  • Now check to see if there is a beam above your bed that crosses your abdomen as you lie in bed. A beam can send poison arrows to this very significant part of your body and harm it. Re-position the bed to avoid the beam or even move to another room entirely.

Now, in addition to these actions, there are up to 10 more established practices that relate quite specifically to your male partner, the position of the bed and special date selection.

I understand that this is a very emotional subject for you . Feel free to give me a call if you want to know more about how I can help you. 

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