2016 The Year of The Yang Fire Monkey

The Chinese Calendar is also known as the Farmer’s Calendar. It is a fortune telling system and a really useful tool. Understanding of this tool helps us to make quality decisions by and take advantage of the good luck and minimise the bad.
Everything in the calendar is described in terms of the 5 elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. How they relate to each other, with their attendant characteristics, gives us the interpretation for what is to come.

The Year of the Monkey begins on the 8th February in 2016. It is a Yang Fire Monkey. The Fire is on top, called the stem and the Monkey is underneath, on the branch.
The Monkey is a Metal element with hidden Metal, Earth and Water. The relationship between the Fire and the Metal is what gives the year its most significant flavour. Then we take into account what your particular chart and animals are and we discover your own relationship to the year. Individual animals predictions will be arriving very shortly.

Fire is an element associated with the sun, warm heartedness, honesty, beauty, perfomance, optimism, passion, energy, happiness and joy. Fire people as a rule, are sociable and make friends easily. But they can also have hot tempers. The body organs of Fire are the heart, blood and eyes which can all be affected when Fire is out of balance. More

The Monkey is clever, quick, restless, irrepressible, cheeky, high spirited, imaginative, resourceful, entrepreneurial, versatile, curious and takes the initiative.
In the relationships between these two elements, the Fire is said to destroy Metal. If you think about it, Fire melts metal. But it also moulds it as does when producing coins, or smelting and bonding separate objects to produce something new. You can see how this moulding needs to be controlled expertly to produce the desired outcome.

Metal is associated with the banking industry amongst other things, so a careful, resourceful management of the money and investments is highlighted. Fire is often associated with good growth and confidence in the economy and the stock market. Both the Fire and the Monkey provide the optimism for the stock market and to do well.
How the relation is handled within the banking industry is the key though. According to Master Raymond Lo the banking industry may not do so well.

The Monkey’s Metal is yang and is represented by a sword or a killer weapon. This does suggest more fighting and conflict and we all know that one of ISIS’s weapon of choice is the sword. But of course the violence is not restricted to that group.

However, according to Master Raymond Lo, the Monkey is also a symbol of the Setting Sun because it represents the West. This means that the violence will gradually weaken and will be more easily resolved. Add to this the warm hearted nature of Fire, and this translates to a greater chance of compromise and resolution on the international stage.

We look at previous Monkey years to determine a trend and know that it could apply to 2016 as well. Assassinations are associated with Monkey years; John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon to name a few.

The year will be good for the entertainment industry because Fire is also associated with performance and beauty.
The Monkey is associated with travel so this tells that tourism should benefit from the energy of the year as well.

However, if you are a Tiger or have a Tiger anywhere in your Four Pillars Chart you need to know that the Tiger is in a clash relationship with the Monkey. More than anything else this clash applies to travel and can result in car accidents. Both Tigers and Monkeys are advised to drive carefully and mindfully. Accidents often happen due to inattention. Avoid engaging in high risk activities such as speeding, skiing or other extreme sports.

It can also help to wear a Snake pendant or carry a Snake emblem on your person during the year of the Monkey if you are either a Tiger or a Monkey. A clash year can often be mitigated by travel and the Monkey is the Tiger’s Travel Star, but Tigers are advised not to travel to the Southwest.

Academic achievement flourishes in the Year of the Monkey as this animal’s problem solving tendencies, curiosity and initiative mean new discoveries and innovation.

Other industries likely to do well are those associated with Water. So shipping, transport and communication, being Water industries, should benefit while the Wood industries of the environment, textiles and paper will be active, but may not be so profitable.

Those that are not so likely to do well are the Metal industries of engineering and computers because a Monkey year has a lot of competitors lining up to bring extra challenges

Image; www.interactive.wxxi.org