Feng Shui Happens Outside Your Window Too

The year I moved to a new home after spending several years minding other people’s homes and animals, I learnt three important Feng Shui lessons.

Once I was settled I had the chance to see and hear how 3 Â Feng Shui situations affected me or others in a way that confirmed what I’d learnt, but personally had never had to deal with before.They were to do partly with external forms and partly to do with the Annual Chinese Animal which is also known as the Tai Sui ( Pronounced Tai Sway).

The forms are the natural and man made objects in the landscape around your house. They emit energy and affect the quality of qi that comes to your dwelling, altering the quality of your life. We take these forms seriously because their impact has been proven time and time again.

The forms work to support and activate the potential of the energies of the home, the magnetic energies that were captured when the home was built. And that means they can support the negative ones as well, unless something is done to balance things out. Flying Star energies are like the astrology of a home and can be a way of predicting how your life could pan out while living there. The Forms and the Flying Stars are inextricably linked together. If you can see the forms from your building then they will affect you. You might think that your Feng Shui is all to do with what’s going on inside the house. But no.

Feng Shui happens outside your window too.

Here’s what happened when the Forms and my Flying Stars interacted.

Scenario #1- The Dead Trees

My house has good Flying Stars at its front gate and front entrance, activated by the cars coming and going down my driveway. its the Southwest. They bring in good nourishing energy for networking, joy, and happy events and prosperity.

What I also look for though is where the main wealth energy, otherwise known as the Water Dragon, comes in.In this current period 2004-2014, this prosperity energy is a particular Earth energy. Â In my house this energy comes in from the North. For me, the North largely comprises part of a driveway that winds down the whole length of the house and the North part of inside including a room that I had decided to make my office. I wanted to take advantage of this energy for prosperity. It should have felt wonderful.

I opened the window often and cleared the garden immediately outside the window so the energy could gather and enter. But somehow the room didn’t feel good at all and business was not flourishing. And I just didn’t want to stay in that room for long. it didn’t attract me at all.

What could be the problem?

One day I suddenly had the answer! Opposite the room on the other side of the driveway and visible from my windows, was a row of 3 young trees. I had never really looked at them properly, although I had felt a kind of desolate feeling each time I walked down the driveway past them. They were surrounded by other native trees and tall native grasses.

But this day, a closer look showed me that one of the 3 trees was actually dead and the other very sick. There was the source of my problem! Dead and dying trees drain energy. I had seen it in my clients but never really experienced it myself. Given that they are planted in my wealth area, of course they were a drain on my wealth as well as my personal vitality. This is an example of the forms at work. Not only that but the North is associated with the kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs. As it happened I had a pain in my back and a visit to the chiropractor told me that the pains were on the kidney meridian.

I had trees removed down and the energy in the room shifted immediately. It now draws me to it and it resonates good vibes. Business soon picked up. The health problems took a little longer but are now fully healed.

Scenario #2-The Tai Sui

Each year we let you know about the Tai Sui or the Gand Duke of the Year. This is an energy that corresponds to the position on the compass for the Animal of the Year. 2015 was the year of the Goat and the Goat’s position on the compass is 202 to 217 degrees, Southwest.

The most important piece of advice to remember for the Tai Sui is not to disturb the earth because that offends the Grand Duke and can lead to problems. The area in question needs to be kept quiet, with no drilling, banging, hammering or digging.

I have noticed that when a client has not been given this warning, or not heeded it, and go ahead and disturb the earth for garden design or renovating, they often experience holdups and legal issues or the mishaps. In my case, new neighbours moved in around June and undertook major garden renovations almost immediately. To do this they brought in noisy equipment for digging, drilling and reshaping of the garden. All in the Southwest! Exactly where this kind of activity should be avoided.

After a few weeks I heard a voice saying “Everything is going wrong’!! It turns out that the heating system and other household appliances  broke down, one after the other, or there were hold ups and one family member ended up in hospital for a flare up in an ongoing condition. The best advice I can give is to respect the Tai Sui and if you must disturb the earth, place a bowl of water in the location to lessen the negative impact.

Scenario #3- A Crane

A Feng Shui colleague, Darrelle Ball, wrote about a telling situation of a sha qi, energy, experienced by a couple living on the 8th floor of a high rise building in Brisbane. Sha qi, also known as a poison arrow, is something in the landscape that sends discord to a building.

I didn’t know that cranes were such a powerful form but I will never forget this story. The facing direction of the couple’s building included two windows and a sliding door onto a balcony in the East where, up to this point they were able to receive a good energy for prosperity. But after they’d been living there for around 10 years, a building site had sprung up in view of the balcony and a crane began swinging and rotating as the construction advanced, dispersing the good qi and creating disharmony for the couple. The result was that male partner developed severe vertigo shortly after the crane began its swinging and they had to move from living in their apartment.

There are some things we can do about forms to diminish their effects. But the crane could be difficult to deal with unless curtains were used and kept closed for the duration of its movement.

We know that chopping down dead trees has an almost immediate effect and placing water in the Tai Sui location if you absolutely must disturb the earth, will help. But it depends on the extent of the disturbance.

The lesson is to take from these stories is to take the forms and the current year’s Tai Sui seriously.

Feng Shui happens utside your window too.

image; bloodandchampagne.com