Monthly Energies for January 2016

January Flying Stars arrived on the 6th and stay till the 3rd February.Once a year, the Monthly line up of energies appear in exactly the same locations as the Annual energies. The Month of January is such a month. I’m referring to the Annual energies of 2015’s Yin Wood Goat here. January is the last month of 2015 in the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Monkey has not yet started and does not arrive officially till the 8th February.

The Feng Shui energies start on the 4th or 5th February and are associated with the Sun energy, while the Chinese New year heralds the Moon energies. The changeover for your Annual remedies happens on the 4th February this year. I am currently visiting to help everyone get ready, balanced and harmonised for the upcoming year. If you too book your check up before the end of January ( even if you choose to have it later), you automatically go in the running for 2 Gold Class tickets with food and wine to the value of $159. Call me on 0437072027 to ensure you are protected for the year and to ensure you have a good chance to win. 

Now back to the Monthly Energies for January 2016. In some areas just as the energies are doubling up, we too need to be doubly careful, while in others we can doubly reap the rewards by spending extra time there. Read on.


Let’s start with the ruler of the month in the centre of your home or office. It is the 3 Wood which is linked to conflict, litigation, argument and robbery. The situation needs to be treated carefully because it is strong. A salt lamp in the centre of the house or a lamp turned on regularly plus a red object will help calm the two problematic energies for the month. It can help you however if you are very competitive in business or sport or if you work in the field of stockbroking. Its best to be sure rather then sorry, so turn on that salt lamp.


The North is the place to spend a lot of time because it’s where two prosperity energies of 8 Earth come together. If you also have an 8 earth, 9 Fire or 7 Metal in your natal chart in the North, it will be buzzing. I’m feeling excited because the North is where my natal chart prosperity resides! So I have 3 wealth energies together.

What can you do? Open the window to let it in and add movement and activity to help trigger it further. Declutter. Use the time here to set your intentions for the year and even make a vision board. Dance, sing and move in the North.


The Southwest is the area of the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke of the year. But its also where a potentially beautiful energy for happy events, windfalls and romance has resided for the year. Now its doubled up, creating another fabulous place to spend a lot of time and soak up the happiness. I say ‘potentially’ because it depends on the configuration of your natal chart. If Fire exacerbates a negative natal energy, it could stir up stress, inflammation, misfortune or problems with eyes, heart or stomach. If you know Fire is unfavourable in the Southwest, stay away from the area as much as possible. If you are thinking about getting an Annual Check up it’s a good idea to do it soon so you can hear whether or not this is a good place to spend extra time until 3rd February and what element is best to use to weaken it. If you work in the beauty industry, radio or theatre, it will support you.

Be careful not to disturb the earth or slam doors, hammer loudly, dig, drill or renovate because you could invite in misfortune from the Grand Duke, the Goat.


The Northeast has been the place to give you support in your career with chances of promotion and leadership during the year. Now these chances double, which means you could be given extra leadership responsibilities. There are some circumstances where health issues such as headaches could be the result or conflict could arise. With the doubling up the extra Metal is associated with isolation as well. So an aware of this possibility means you can do something about it and take action to keep in contact with friends and family. If you feel a negative effect in your career or sense of power instead of an extra good feeling, it means that your natal chart or something in your environment is working against you. In this case, add in some water colours, black, charcoal dark blue or grey to weaken the extra Metal.


The East has been the location of a beautiful energy for wisdom, knowledge, writing, scholarly pursuits, and sound financial management and travel. Now when its doubled you can take advantage of it even further. Add in the sound of Metal with soft piano music or a singing bowl rung regularly.


Your health, especially if you are female, has been the focus of the Southeast this year, with the Earth star 2 black wielding its influences on the stomach, abdomen and digestive system or even the health of your relationships. But its also associated with saving money so with the doubling there are several things you can do.

Firstly add in plenty of round metal objects and your baby calabash if you have one. The sound of metal using soft piano music or a singing bowl will also be very soothing. Secondly you can use the energy for saving money by strengthening your savings plan or by making a commitment AND taking action to set one up. Doing so at this time will give you the impetus to keep going with it.


The West is the most problematic location in January and definitely NOT a place to be if you can avoid spending time there. It’s where the 5 yellow teams up with the Annual 5 yellow for misfortune, financial difficulties and all round negativity. I have a door here and just don’t use it. Try to do the same if you can. And its very important not to make loud noises, disturb the earth with digging, drilling, chopping down trees or renovating. This is where your bell goes plus extra round metal objects. Ring the bell frequently and keep this area of your home quiet so as not to stir up trouble.


The South has a double 7 Metal. This is an aggressive energy, known for leading to fights, burglary, injury or sweet talking people coming along to harm you. It can be a great help if you are a public speaker, actor, teacher or someone who uses fine cutting tools in their business. It is also good if you sell jewellery or are involved in metaphysical occupations such as feng shui, tarot, or other intuitive arts. Add in Water colours of black, dark blue charcoal or grey in decorative objects, art or cushions to calm the more aggressive characteristics of this star.


Finally the Northwest is the site of the doubling of 4 Wood, the energy for creativity, romance, writing skills, research and design. A healthy plant and some Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey will encourage support from this energy.

Here’s a guide to the compass degrees for each sector. To apply them to your home, stand in the centre of the house with a compass and imagine lines extending out from the compass sectors into the rooms. Using the range of degrees below, identify which rooms fall into which sectors. They will form a pie chart. Some rooms will fall in two sectors. Try to place the cure in the North of the North or South of the South etc, if you can.

North Sector: 337.5 — 22.5 degrees

Northeast Sector: 22.5 — 67.5 degrees

East Sector: 67.5 — 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector: 112.5 — 157.5 degrees

South Sector: 157.5 — 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector: 202.5 — 247.5 degrees

West Sector: 247.5-292.5

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