The Key to Creating Stillness in a Space

Many magazine articles on Feng Shui explain that the key to activating a ‘dead’ area in the home, is by introducing movement or adding bright colours, extra light and upbeat sound. Spaces like that are very yang.

But what if, instead, you wanted to bring more stillness to a
space that is too active, too noisy and not at all relaxing.
When a space has a quiet, yin quality, it can soothe you into contentment, peace and a clear mind.

We may choose to create stillness in a corner of our home or in the garden, for reflection and contemplation. Or to simply escape from stress, children and the dog.

The Key to Stillness

The key to bringing stillness and serenity to a space may surprise you. But nevertheless, it is timeless and effective. It involves putting together a combination of both soft and heavy features. A heavy object like an exquisite sculpture or a beautiful urn will anchor energy firmly into a space. Then, by Introducing softness with cushions and rugs in soothing colours, you can create a contrast that is reassuring. Avoid reds, oranges and strong purples; instead, choose pastel shades, softer tones and patterns and shapes that are rounded, not angular. Avoid too many colours jostling for attention.

Soothing colours for the garden like green, white, pink, lilac and blue can be mixed with contrasting darker shades of aubergine or deep brown. Choose soft-textured plants instead of spiky or prickly ones.

Mark the space with a strong support behind it. Use a solid wall, or one with a small window that has a relaxing view. In the garden, bamboo, stone or timber can define an area well. Add a touch of soft lighting and music for a relaxing effect.

Then all you need to do is get comfortable in a seat that entices you to sit and stay.

In peace.


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