Feng Shui Room by Room Workshop

When you know that your life has to change, the best way to to make it happen is to start working with what is right in front of you; your home. An upcoming Feng Shui Room by Room Workshop in November, can show you how.

By making changes to your home’s layout and decor, you can set yourself up for more energy, more vitality and greater health and prosperity.

Join me as I teach you how to make quite small changes that will create a BIG difference in the way you feel. From dull and unotivated to excited and refreshed again. Does that sound good to you?

The Workshop is called Feng Shui Room by Room. In it I will show you how to gain;

  • An understanding of how each room has a special role to play in creating flow and harmony.
  • An approach to optimising each room to support you and your family’s health, relationships and wealth.
  • Insight into why some rooms feel uncomfortable and how to energise them to feel more vibrant.
  • Invaluable styling techniques to beautify a room.
  • Knowledge of how to activate prosperity points for 2017/18
  • An awareness of hidden messages in your home and what they might reveal about you.
  • Excitement about creating an harmonious layout in your home.
  • And lots more……
  • Bring along a sketch of your floor plan or even better, a to- scale drawing of it and receive personal attention.
These Workshops are finished for 2017. But keep an eye out on the calendar for the upcoming Workshops in 2018.

image; bhg.com