2018 The Year of the Dog

2018 The  Year of the Dog begins on the 4th February. This date is the start of Spring in the Chinese Calendar and introduces the Solar New Year. February 16th ushers in the Lunar New Year and all the celebrations take off.

We transition from a year of conflict and change to one that has the potential to be a  little more stable and grounded as the main element of the year is Earth.

Interestingly  as we grow closer to the year of the Dog the their will be more emphasis on cooperation and partnership.  The energies will lead to more introspection, spirituality, whatever that means for you, more stillness, compassion, and fewer ups and downs. In that kind of environment there is a greater chance of people working together as the Dog is a symbol of intelligence and protection as well as loyalty and friendship.

It is likely to be a year infused with a sense of social justice on both a local and global scale when the more affluent parts of society come together to help the less fortunate and actions based solely on individual drive and reward will no longer be admired.

However we are likely to experience social uprisings from those who have been excluded, demanding more fairness.

Because the Dog is an Earth animal it will also throw more focus onto climate change and suggests that this will come more dominant in our consciousness with progress being made to create a healthier planet.

Companies ensuring the welfare and health of their consumers, particularly through increased investments in the areas of recycling and renewable energy will be rewarded with increased revenues.
Dog years are normally economic growth years but next year could see the collapse of some major institutions and large adjustments in the economy.

We can expect rethinking on our lifestyle with emphasis on changing perceptions on diet, junk food, smoking and drinking.  But weight problems could be a factor this year.

The importance of family is critical to the welfare of all 12 signs as support is more likely to come from family members.

Earth related turbulence such as earthquakes and landslides can be expected as well because the earth is out of balance.

Health wise the earth organs are the spleen, pancreas, stomach digestive system, muscles, skin and hands. These parts of the body are likely to be more affected than others. if you have any issues with these parts of your body get a check-up to to head off any worsening.

What Does the Year of the Dog Mean for Your Animal?

Your Chinese animal is only 1 of about 4 main animals in your chart. So any predictions are limited by that fact. They also kick in closer to your birthday during the year. Here is a very short prediction  for each one.

The Rat

Rats may feel the need to take time out in 2018 to recharge their batteries and look after their health.  But you are likely  to experience good luck too in your career.

The Ox

If you are an Ox  then you  will be hard working and your patience may be tried, but you are likely to make a breakthrough this year.   Be careful with relationships and about where you park or how fast you drive because these activities can mean fines!

The Tiger

Tigers -Overall you can expect a good year, especially in your work and gaining promotion. Watch out for legal problems and carefully read any documents before signing.

The Rabbit

Rabbits- Your year should be much better than last year. While most Rabbits can expect a truly wonderful year, some may find that they are blocked from moving forward.

The Dragon

Dragons are in conflict with the Dog. So you are in for a year of change, either in your job, place of living or in your relationships. Prepare carefully before taking action. Travel is on the cards. In fact travel actually honours the conflict and is good for you. Avoid travelling to the Northwest. Don’t try to be overly ambitious and it’s not a good year to invest.

The Snake

Snakes can expect a calm and serene year and  you could experience a breakthrough. It is likely to be a wonderful year with success, travel and  wealth on the cards.

The Horse

Horses- Creativity and academic achievement are in your sights this year. With effort you should succeed and find life interesting as you create new things.

The Goat

Goats – This year can be a year of good luck with the chance to  meet new friends and colleagues. Your wealth is likely to improve. Take care of  your relationships. But expect to say ‘no’ to some and prioritize your life differently.

The Monkey

Monkeys can expect a year of rewards as well as reflection on past actions to grow in perception and wisdom. You are likely to experience change, study and travel.

The Rooster

Roosters can experience a good year for starting new projects. But you need to be careful about law suits. This is not a year to relax. You still need to work hard.

The Dog

Dogs -Its a time to consolidate achievements and to renew motivation.  Don’t be overly ambitious because you are confronting the Grand Duke, the name  given to the animal of the year. Prepare for challenges so that you can handle them more easily.

The Pig

Pigs should find that you  turn your  attention to fundamental values and attention to others. You are likely to have lots of opportunities for travel and luck is likely to come from a distance.