Tap into a November High Vibration Day

Would you like to give an energetic Boos to your prosperity.

Well you can now.  In November  there are some intriguing dates  that have a heightened energetic flow that you can put to very good use.

In Chinese Metaphysical terms these are some of the luckiest days in the calendar, full of powerful synchronicity to give a strong boost to a project, venture, idea or intention if you  begin it on one of these days.

If you’ve used them in the past, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You’ll know how good they can be. Skip to the bottom of the page.

Fill in the form  with your birth details ( you don’t need to include the time and place)  and I’ll calculate how well you match one of the days. You only pay after I’ve let you know if you are a a good match.

For  more options or if this is new to you, read on……..

Really feel that Magic!

Have you ever had a day when things just flowed so well, you worked through your tasks effortlessly with time and energy to spare; you felt in the groove, in the zone and driven by excitement and focus?  Such High Vibration!!

Imagine capitalising on this kind of  day to increase your prosperity and abundance.  Or to set things in train to fulfil a dream vision further down the track.

Using a highly refined date selection system called Xuan Kong Da Gua, Feng Shui Masters figured  out how to do just this.  They discovered how to identify days, called Blood link Days  that were more likely to put you in the same kind of energetic space as  you might have already experienced in the past.

They kept it secret for years but now this advanced system is available to those of us who want to use it in our practice.

When a particular day is identified as a Blood Link then that puts you in sync with the day. You can feel the day has an extra something.

If you use it well, it can set you up for wealth, romance, better health, improved business flow or a successful outcome to a venture begun on that day.

It all depends on how the Qi of the day communicates with your own Qi. If they match perfectly, (using the 64 hexagrams, also used in the I Ching divination system), you feel aligned.

And then, what you set in motion has a heightened vibration and synchronicity to it, which can lead you to a successful outcome.


As I said, these days are rare. And there’s only a few each year.  Some were in May and early June and now there’s a few coming up in November.

How Do I Tap into the Magic of the Blood Link Day?

Well, let’s say you wanted to launch something like a new program, campaign or website?  One of these days is likely to bring you powerful synchronicity to give your project the boost it needs for success.

Here are some things you could do on the Day in the specific 2 hours. Remember that tapping into this kind of energy sets your desire into strong focus.

  • Writing up your goals for the next few months or year.
  • Beginning to plan an event that you want to invest with extra oomph for success.
  • Opening a new bank account.
  • Buy shares.
  • Starting a fitness or weight loss program.
  • Sending an email to apply for that job you really want.
  • Doing something you’ve been procrastinating about.
  • Scheduling an appointment for an idea you want to pitch.
  • Starting work on a new creative project
  • Meditating to listen to your own wisdom on a problem.
  • Getting together with your family to share an extra good time, to have fun and maybe heal friction or conflict.
  • Hunting for the dream home you want.
  • Planning a trip or weekend away with friends
  • Moving into a new home
  • Starting on that book you’ve always wanted to write.


The Three Options

Option 1. Basic; Boosting a Project or Dream

Taking action to start something new that you want to be successful further down the track.

 Option 2.  Clear Away Blockages to Success

This option brings together 2 ways to boost your dream. On a few days before the actual Blood Link Day that matches you, we have a scheduled phone call for 30 minutes. During this time we discuss where you are now and where you want to be. I help you gain clarity on what you want. Then I give you a special remote clearing session that helps  you to unlock clearer vision and shift what is holding you back.

With this clearer, firmer sense of purpose you then go ahead and use the Blood Link Day to boost your dream. Once again it does depend on you matching the day.
So check  that first by filling in the form and sending me your birth details with the day, month and year you were born.

 Option 3. A Premium Option-A Super Charged  Boost!

The premium option is the pinnacle of this system and its why the Grand Masters kept it a secret for hundreds of years. It  involves placing a water feature in quite specific spot in your garden, setting your  big  intention and then turning the water feature on during two special hours that I calculate for you.  This method can bring long term excellent results. 

I need time to visit you to set you up to receive the Qi of the day. This option can have amazing outcomes.  There are a number of conditions that have to be met but it has the most effective outcomes when all are present!

What You Need to Do Now

If you want to gain the benefits of one of these high vibration days, here’s what you need to do.  And what I will do for you.

a)   Fill in the Form below with your birth details, just the year month and day of your birth. your name, email and phone number.

b) Tell me which option you want.

c)  If I find that you match,  make sure you can set aside the day and 2 hours that  I give you to fully devote yourself to being in the moment and focusing totally on what you want to manifest.

d) For all  Options get in quick with your birth details to give me time to calculate or schedule a call or visit that suits us both.

d) In return I will calculate it all for you within 24 hours and only charge you if you match.


 Boosting Your Project or Dream  – $47

 Personal Clearing and Clarity Session in Conjunction with the Day- $127

Super Super Charged  Water Method to Optimise Prosperity- Normal $997 the special price for this month is $500

I will do the calculations but there is no charge if  I cannot recommend the day for you because the match is not strong enough to bring you success at this time. This applies to all three options.

Get in quick because the next Blood Link Day is very close.

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