The Predecessor Law

There is a fascinating principle in Feng Shui known as The Predecessor Law. This law recognises that events that have happened before in a building, can happen again.

I have personally observed this in houses where a succession of owners all separated and divorced or experienced illness. You may have noted something similar in your work place. Different people who have occupied a particular office seem t do consistently better than those in other offices. Or a series of people who occupy a particular office are consistently in conflict with those around them.

Invisible Energies

There are several reasons for this. The first is that when a building is constructed, certain invisible energies fly in and predispose it to certain kinds of experiences, depending on the its layout and architectural design.

In one house I know, an energy for divorce landed in the main bedroom. This influence in a bedroom makes marital difficulties much more likely to occur than in any other room. In that house three successive owners divorced.

Old Energy Traces

The second reason is that houses store the energy of their history. Over time, as occupants move around a building, they establish particular energy pathways moving from room to room. These energy pathways are absorbed by the building and have an effect on new owners who come to live there.

Buildings also absorb types of energies that have gathered in some places because of the particular activities that took place there. For example if a family often used a certain room as an active, fun, noisy play room, that energy can linger, leading to another family behaving in the same way.

Finally traces of the life force of the people themselves can live on in a building after they have moved out.

So if you are living in a home where something is affecting your family in ways that are different to your previous home, it could be The Predecessor Law at work. Are there more squabbles, illnesses, disorganisation or accidents? Or are you much happier than before for no obvious reason?

Repealing the Law

If misfortune has come your way it is possible for a consultation to clearly identify if this misfortune resides in the Feng Shui of your house. It is even possible to pinpoint the likely months for it to happen and the likely person in the home it could happen to. Thankfully there are reliable remedies that can be put in place to transform old energy patterns and set the building on a fresh new track. The Predecessor Law, in the hands of a good practitioner, can be repealed.