August 2018 Monthly Energies

The August 2018 Monthly energies move in on the 7th and stay till the 8th September. Get ready to be social and enjoy gatherings and celebrations with friends and family. Then ruler is the gentle 8 Earth for wealth and it loves being with the 9 Fire of the Year. Its one of the best combinations! Add some water colours of black, dark blue, grey or charcoal to the centre of your home and make sure it’s not cluttered because that can impede the flow of joy for the month.

The best areas for the August Month Energies are the Southeast, the Northwest and the West. The most challenging are the Southwest and Northeast.

Remember that they are at their strongest in important places such as your front entrance, bedroom, office and active areas. For the most challenging ones avoid using the door in that sector if you can.


The combination of the Monthly 7 Metal and Annual 8 Earth can bring windfall luck! The combination is also likely to up the romance in your life and bring success if you work or play in competitive environments But watch out for accidents as the two are in conflict with the natural element of Wood here. Especially remember to drive carefully. Add water colours to reduce problems.


A husband and wife combination is created this month in your Northwest as the Month’s 9 Fire teams up with the Annual 1 Water. The result is a good career and money luck, academic achievement and growth. Use your talents and you can open up opportunities for high status appointments, promotion, change of job or even moving to a different country. Spend lots of time here! But heart, eye and skin problems are also associated with this combo so be careful.


The beautiful 1 Water for wisdom lands in the West and creates a combination with 2 Earth. This can be good for women’s confidence, fame and fortune. But just be careful not to become too controlling. Problems with the stomach and digestive system are a possibility with this combo so add in some round metal objects to create a bridge between the two energies to create balance.


Your bell needs to go to the Southwest as the 5 Yellow lands there creating a difficult situation with the 6 Metal for the year. Ring it daily. Headaches can result from this combo, often as a result of anxiety and stress. Blockages and holdups can also ensue. Normally this area is wonderful but not so much this month. Keep the area quiet and avoid it if possible. Be mindful when driving and take time to look after your health. Round metal objects will go a long way to reducing the pressure.


Your baby calabash or Wu Lou or even a group of round metal objects goes to the Northeast where the Monthly 2 earth for sickness arises. If an important room in the house is in the NE you can use this energy to focus on saving money. Or if your career is in accountancy and your office is here it can help to boost business. However, for the rest of us the combinations created can lead to arguments, conflict and even car accidents. Put some gold coloured objects here to soothe the troubled waters.


A Wood energy, normally good for academic achievement might be hindered this month because it joins the Annual 5 yellow. Skin problems and virus infections could be a problem as well as gambling. Put plenty of rounded metal objects or white, silver or gold colours in your North to calm things down. Avoid using doors here for the whole year and no digging, drilling or renovating in the North for the whole year.


You might experience fierce competiton at work as the sparring duo of 2 Metal elements, the 6 Monthly and 7 Annual,take up their swords in the West this month. This can good for wealth and success but is not an area to hold important discussions because the two can be quarelsome, and promote jealousy and cheating. Be careful around sharp tools and knives and watch your skin, especially on the left side of your body. Place a bowl of still water outside in your West sector.


Finally your South sector may well be an area of friction or emotional upset in relationships. But it can be beneficial for a student, an academic researcher or writer. In fact anyone involved in artistic pursuits or if you have a front door in the West, can be supported. Add in some red colour or a candle which you light every few days to burn off the excess Wood that prevails here this month.

August Workshop

On the 16h August I’ll be running a Workshop full of lost of info about your personal element and how you can use it to promote your own growth and personal power. This can lead to a better quality of life. Go here for all the details.