How to Make the Most of 2019 The Year of The Pig

So now it’s time to give you more detail about the Year of the Pig. How do we make the most of 2019. It’s been a little while now since the new year started but my feet are finally staying in one spot after having a wonderful time traveling  around Victoria seeing everyone for Annual checkups.

But now let’s see what’s in store.

The Year of the Pig

The Pig is an animal that loves the good life and comfort.  It enjoys  good food, wine and surroundings. It also loves spending money but has a generous nature and enjoys being with others. It is intelligent but we have to be careful with it because it can also has a tendency to be deceptive. 

We are called upon to curb our spending this year  because the Pig and its nature are in  a self penalty or a clash with itself. So it needs to avoid the extremes of its nature and so do we. However spending money for the good of humanity is a very good thing to do this year. 

This is a continuation of last year to help those who are less fortunate and avoid operating from a greedy individualistic perspective. 

There is not a good economic outlook for the globe this year because there is no Fire element in the year’s astrology.   When there is no Fire there is slow economic growth. So saving your money is a wise strategy. 

The 8 Earth is also in the centre of each building this year for the Feng Shui and,  being the most vital energy for wealth, it can be said to be imprisoned. So that is another reason to save money as the economy may not be so buoyant. House prices are likely to fall even further. The stock market is likely to go up though in the first few months but go down in the second half of the year. 

If you know your own personal astrology and you lack Fire, you need to be careful. Watch your blood pressure and heart. 

The year is a  Yin Earth Pig. The top element, Earth  is energy from Heaven and the Pig is below, energy from the Earth, called a branch.  The Pig is a Water element. Yin Earth stem and Water branch. What does that mean for us on a global scale in politics, the weather, health and industries?

Yin Earth is a weaker  kind of Earth compared to last year’s Yang Earth. It is the Earth Mother that predominates so we can expect a more gentle year in some ways.  However the Earth is on top of Water so that tells us that while things might appear peaceful they are not built on solid underpinnings so they could unravel. Or the agreement could have been  built on deception. 

Whatever is on top  refers to those who are in power, such as the bosses or politicians. The element below refers to the employees or workers or those not in power. So being weaker, the yin earth  signals that there may be quite a few political parties tumbling this year. Rebellion from below is also on the cards. 

The two elements of Water and Earth also clash with each other. If we apply this to the weather it express  instability and the release of more earthquakes, flooding and landslides either above ground or below.  This global aspect of Astrology actually began  on the winter solstice ( Chinese Winter that is) on the 22nd December. Since then we’ve had the devastating floods in Townsville. We can expect more during the year. So be aware of that and try to avoid places where it could happen. 

Sea disasters could also occur  as well as disasters in the air because plane flights are the water element. 

Heath wise the main conditions  to watch out for are earth related conditions such as  diabetes, diarrhoea, spleen, HIV  and cancer related illness, while the lack of Fire can trigger an increase in heart, eye  and blood problems. 

The Pig resides in the Northwest so its best not to travel towards that direction  especially if  you are a Pig or a Snake. For both animals it’s a good idea to wear a Tiger pendant during the year for protection. 

The best industries this year should be the Wood industries as Wood is a hidden element in the Pig and is supported by the water of the Pig. Travel industries, the environment, fashion, books, publishing and teaching should all do well. 

How to Make the Most of the Year of The Pig

Predictions for each animal can only ever be general in nature. That’s because we don’t just have one animal in our charts. We have at least 4 at any one time, one  for the Year, Month, Day and Hour. If you want a more comprehensive look at your year you need to speak to an astrologer in Bazi, which is the name for Chinese Astrology for a more comprehensive reading. 

Having said that there is usually some aspect of the predictions which you are likely to experience. But the advice is based on you taking action to achieve the potential of your year. Sitting at home waiting for things to happen could see you sitting there for a long  time. 


You are in for a year of change because you are said to be offending the Grand Duke who this year is the Pig.

Changes can occur  in your career, place of living, health or relationships.  The best way to weather the changes is to go with them and even embrace them. Life will be  smoother if you do.

But there are lots of good aspects in your year so its not as bad as it could be. One of them is that you will find you have a good ability to solve your problems.

The problems, whether they be financial,  health or in relationships  will mean you feel the pain but you will win out in the end.

Your year is also one in which you could suddenly become famous! To take advantage of this and reach bigger audiences, use social media and go viral!

Be careful whom you trust this year as betrayal is in your chart. You can overcome this by not being overly dependant or overly trusting of  others. Your finances will fluctuate and you might find yourself rather indecisive, not being able to make up your mind.

You could  be low in energy so eat a good diet and exercise to raise your energy levels.

Best Month June


This little animal is  likely to have a good time making new friends, finding new markets or clients.. You have the Nobleman in your chart this year meaning that you will be helped in your efforts by someone who has your best interests at heart. The right person or people will turn up at the right time.  But if you have big plans and take no action you will have wasted the opportunity that this year will bring you. 

You could have an opportunity to gain more power  especially if you see a gap in the market.  One of the best ways to have the energy to capitalise on on such opportunities  is to clear out your stuff early on so you leave space for new things to come in. Another way is to get up and go to the gym or to exercise in  a way you like, to raise your energy levels. Your efforts should come to fruition in the second half of the year. 

There is a romance star in the Rat chart which is good for singles.  But married couples may have some challenges.
Watch the health of your kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs. 

Best Month August


Your careers are likely to do well this year. It is an excellent time  for you to study and learn a new skill. There is an opportunity for you to meet really good teachers who help you learn new knowledge and give you emotional and mental support while you do so.

But Oxes might find that their relationships come under strain this year partly due to a sense of loneliness. It is very important if you are single  or married to get out and mix with others even if you don’t feel like it.

You may accidentally offend people so be careful the way you express yourself. There is also an energy that can mean that your immune system is low and it is easy for you to fall ill.

But you are always a hard worker and your efforts will pay off this year.

If you are spiritually minded this is a good year for bringing you a sense of peace.

It is best to be on the move this year to dissolve some of your sadness. So build some travel into your year.

Best Month April


The Tiger is one of the luckiest animals this year. They are likely to create new ways to make money. You will feel support and an easy flow of luck  with new ideas  coming easily to visualise your dreams into reality.

Your reputation and status will grow as will responsibility, so you may feel the pressure. But you must deliver on what you have promised otherwise you will lose reputation and status.

You are likely to find that you can connect with those in power and authority. It is  a year for collaboration and joint ventures but look for the right person who fits what you need. Don’t just pick someone you like. They need to be competent.

In all this you may feel that you are not good enough for this rise in status. Just know that this is an influence of the year as well that has a hold over your self belief.  It is only your mindset, not the reality for you.

Someone you annoyed last year or something you did then will seek you out again. Apologise and move on. Be humble.

Tigers can be forgetful this year. So make those to do lists.

Best Month June


The rabbit is likely to have a fabulous year if you follow the right path.  Strength, courage, power and authority are yours if you take action. So make a plan and go out and make it happen.

You can increase your income and  you can win a reward for something that you do and if you are in sales you will be bringing in the clients and revenue.

As a result you will rise in the ranks with opportunities for promotion and business growth. If you are a leader you can perform well and help others. Your attractiveness will increase as the year progresses too!.If you are not used to being a leader you may experience stress.

You do need to be very careful though not to promise something and fail to deliver. In all your success this is a danger to avoid. That can bring lawsuits that lead to loss of finances and reputation.

You also need to be very careful not to break the law with such things as speeding, parking and in your tax because you are most likely going to have to pay for it.

If you are married you should enjoy a year of great harmony.

If single it is a good year to marry.

Best Month  May


This promises to be a considerably better year for you compared to last year when you clashed with the Dog. Big problems should be resolved gradually. It’s best to bring any lingering problems out into the open to resolve them that way. 

Its a good year for romance if you are single and it could attract partners  who become long term. if you are already married you can find more delight in your partner if you nurture your relationship. 

You will look more charming this year and this will be really good for attracting new friends and clients. You should find that you have greater mental clarity and are able to understand complex information. If you are employed expect to  get more notice and be appreciated for your efforts at work. It’s also a good year to change jobs if that is what you desire.

Interestingly you could find that you  are privy to secret information that you wish you didn’t have. But you will have to take action on it. 

On the down side you might find that you start overspending. Reign it in before it becomes a compulsion. Or buy something that will appreciate in value  over time. 

Watch your health especially your throat and large intestine. Have a check up early in the year.

Best Month April


The Snake clashes with the Pig so that means you too are in for a year of change. That means changes in your career, relationships, health  or place of residence.  But more particularly for you they  are likely to be  with relationships and business. .A good thing to remember is that you have a heavenly mentor in your chart, meaning that you will meet the right person at the right time. In fact, the mentor will come when you are ready. 

You might find yourself learning a new set of skills and they could be to help with your career or alternatively something in your personal life. You will be able to find solutions to any problems by researching and you may find yourself getting involved in teaching or performing. 

You have a travel star. This can mean the you physically travel and move around but these days it can mean that you make money online for an international business.  In fact if you do this or you physically travel you are much more likely to lessen your challenges. 

As with all animals avoid overspending this year. 

Your sense of clarity, reflection and spirituality will be heightened this year too. 

Best month July


The Horse is in for a wonderful year with lots of benefits. There is power in the year for your career, wealth and reputation. You can expect more responsibility and people to support you if you take up the opportunities for leadership.

Others will come to you with their problems and you need to believe that you are able to solve them. You can also solve your own problems.

Be brave and aim to make things happen. You can make your dreams come true if you take action. But there is a chance of overwork so you need to look after your health.

You may even find that a windfall comes your way from family connections.

The year  brings attractiveness and popularity luck.  Those who are single may find the right partner and marry this year. It is also a good year for having a baby.

Your chart  is very good for property investments too.

However, there is an energy called Heavenly Judge. It means that others will look at you and judge you. It could make you feel lonely but if you accept it and ignore them they will gradually turn and support you.

There may be sudden ups and downs. When you are feeling down pick yourself up and move forward. That way you will win in the end. There is also an opportunity to solve a problem on a big scale.

2019 is your chance to excel!

Best Month February


This year is a year of feeling smarter and clearer for you.  Any challenges will turn out to be blessings in the end. It’s best to  be humble to improve any outcome. If you follow your intuition and heart you will do well.

Your health is on the agenda so see a doctor at the beginning of the year to make sure all is well. You have an artistic influence in your chart now which will give you lots of inspiration for creativity and literary pursuits. And your social circle will include artistic people.

There is a good chance of career success including the possibility of promotion and financial benefits.

You will enjoy popularity and attract others to you with your charisma, but some of your friends may be eccentric and appear strange to others.

Expect to  attract admirers and people who are keen learn from you as well.

But included in your circle will also be people who are mean spirited to you. Turn away from them and ignore them.

You might find that you cry for no obvious reason so reach out to friends who allow you to express your emotions and give you empathy.

There is a chance of injury so stay away from dangerous sports. Blood tests are actually good for you.

You might  prefer to be alone for some of the time this year. Your family may try to bring you out of it but its OK to spend this time for yourself.

Best Month October


Monkeys are in for a very good year. It is a year for prosperity, celebrations and family holidays. It is especially good for you to do things on your own. Your kindness will shine through and attract people to you. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to make money as the year progresses. But if you do nothing meaningful then you will not reap the benefits of this year’s abundance. Spend time in the comfort of those who are successful, the right people to inspire and help you. 

You are likely have hold ups  but they will be solved. You will have the right people come along to help you to pursue your goals. So set a goal and take action!

Romance for single Monkey women will be positive but single Monkey males will find relationships confusing. Married couples need to look after their relationship. Take care  to nurture it . 

There is an injury influence this year so be very careful with sharp objects. There is a robbery energy as well, so hang on to your belongings and make sure your security systems are in place.

Best Month October


You can expect to have a better memory this year and be more analytical . At the same time your intuition is likely to give you the ability to see the big picture more clearly.   If you decide to do some study it will an easier time for you this year because of this influence.

You can expect to  understand complex material, discover new ways of doing things  and to solve problems more easily. 

Take advantage of these opportunities this year otherwise you could waste the potential benefits being offered to you. 

There may be times when you are anxious but because your mind is clearer you will be able to deal with the issues. You will gain respect for your brilliance.

A good way to heighten your luck and improve your circumstances is to travel or be on the move.

You have what is called a broken star which means that some physical things such as your car, phone etc may break.  But also such things are promises and arrangements could be broken too, creating stress for you. The best way to handle this is to not have too high expectations in the first place so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

You may need to have minor surgery or you may suffer a cut of some kind. So be careful when dealing with sharp implements. 

Romance sees married Roosters gaining support from their partner. But for singles the chance of romance is not strong.

Your wider circle of friends and family may shower you with gifts and attention too! 

Best Month August


The year promises to be considerably better than last year but you still have some obstacles so the key  to a good year is to keep calm. It’s a great time  to take advantage of your networks both personal and professional. Expand them and you’ll find that they bring in new opportunities. Accepting offers to network will allow you to be fortunate in meeting the right people to help you in business or even for romance.

Your reputation and career will be fulfilling this year. 

The harder you work this year the better the outcome. Don’t give up. There will be happy times and good news. 

If you are in business its  a good year to up your marketing because that will help you greatly as well. Joint ventures with Horses and Rabbits will bode well but not so much with Snakes. 

Your romantic  relationships could suffer so for married people make sure you nurture your relationships to solve arguments before they escalate. 

There is a sickness energy in your chart this year. Look after your health and fitness and detox and get plenty of rest time. 

You might find that trouble makers come along or people who snub you. You might have feelings of betrayal. Ignore petty people and avoid being critical of anyone else yourself  in order to reduce this aspect of the year. 

Best Month May