Your Destiny Calendar Captures Golden Moments for Success


I am excited to offer you a new destiny calendar which is part of an ancient divination system, which can take your own efforts to higher levels. The system is called Qi Men Dun Jia.

Qi Men Dun Jia is one of 3 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics.  .

This is a  complex system which was initially only used  in military strategy and only by Emperors or their advisors.   Commoners were executed if they were caught using it! 

It was first used during the Warring States period in China. The system worked by taking advantage of the significant moment in time called the Golden Moment, calculated by the Metaphysic Masters.  When it was put into operation, this system drove forward the Emperors’ plans of attack so that they could not fail.

Over the centuries, Qi Men Dun Jia grew in popularity and was widely used for prediction or selecting good directions according to specific times for conducting important events.

Today, QMDJ can be used by  anyone who wishes to improve their life, career, business, relationship, health, sports and healing. We use QMDJ as a powerful tool that gives us the Golden Moment advantage.

The Destiny Calendar

The destiny calendar is the part of this vast system that I am excited about for you. It sets out dates that you can use  for particular activities, bringing success more easily and quickly. And they are personalised for you.

These powerful  days put you into a  positive growing vibration and in conjunction with  your own efforts, you can find solutions and solve problems more easily.

I woke up on my 3 Victory Day feeling very dizzy. Yet despite that, something was still driving me forward. I  managed to clear out lots of clutter and made some really major decisions for my life. Kerrie, Ballarat.


The destiny calendar revolves around what is known as Victory Palaces. There are 3 of them and each person has their own set, based on their birthday.

They are simply compass directions which are particularly powerful for you personally and they’re activated when they fall on certain days  and in certain months.

When activated they are  ready for you to take advantage of the luck they bring giving you the driving force to realise your plans.

Sometimes 2 Victory Palaces fall on the same day. Those days are great.

But when all 3 of your Victory Palaces appear together on the same day, your energy levels will be very high. 

My 3 Victory days were so powerful. I felt like I had heaps of energy and really did feel unstoppable. Caz, Langwarrin. 

The Victory Palaces have names like Chief, Life and Heaven but our calendar simplifies them to Receiving, Manifesting and Winning. These names capture the essence of each kind of day.

On Receiving days you can tap into the power of self healing, having a massage or clearing  negative thoughts.

On Manifesting days you can ask the Universal Qi to make things happen and happen faster.

On Winning days you can ask for help with your career, finances or wining in general.

I  missed out on a Lomi Lomi massage when I was recently in Hawai and was very disappointed. But on my  Victory day a client offered  me  a Lomi Lomi unexpectedly and completely free! Trudi, Frankston

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