Feng Shui Tips You Need to Know Before Building or Buying a New House

So you’re buying or building a new property?  You probably have a list of 10 MUST HAVES. 

But I’m wondering if a Feng Shui appraisal is on the list? Hmm? 

You know that Feng Shui uses principles to help bring harmony into your home and to prevent misfortune. 

Most people know, for example that the front door should not line up with the back door. This causes life force qi to rush through your home too quickly without meandering through the individual rooms. When you have this line up, it means prosperity comes in the front door and immediately escapes out the back! Or more specifically the qi isn’t able to fully  nourish the whole house. 

If you are committed to good Feng Shui, there are quite a number of factors to take into account before buying or building a property. For peace of mind before taking action, it’s best to tick the Feng Shui box as well. I’ve listed some guidelines here to get you started. 

External Features

  1. Road formations can have a huge impact on your home and your family. Roads are the modern equivalent of waterways, observed in ancient China to either have destructive patterns or benevolent ones. Inauspicious road formations are associated with illness, money worries, failing exams and infidelity. The effect of the road will always depend on the amount of traffic the road carries. Meanwhile, auspicious formations bring in benevolent qi which is associated with fortune and positive opportunities for the occupants. 
  • A road heading directly towards your building, before curving away, is like an arrow shooting into the house. It can especially affect the person/s occupying the rooms along its invisible trajectory. 
  • A road that curves inward towards your house is called a ‘cutting blade’ and is also likely to bring general misfortune.
  • A house in the cleft of a Y junction is also in danger of being impacted by the intense negative forces. 
  • On the other hand a house that is cradled by the road in front, will receive benevolent qi, which brings good fortune and health. 
  • A house in a road that gently meanders, receives benevolent qi that can only benefit the occupants. 
  • A house will experience good fortune generally if it is near a lake, river, lush gardens and parks, especially if they are located at the front of your block. 
  • A home near a school is an excellent choice because it will absorb the bubbling energy of children and teenagers. 
  1. Internal Features

  • The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the source of health, and the Chinese link health and prosperity together.  
    • Avoid designs that have the kitchen visible from the front door. 
    • Avoid designs with the kitchen in the centre of the home. 
    • Make sure the sink or fridge are not opposite the oven or cook top because that aligns two opposing elements, Fire and Water. 
    • Check that the oven door does not open opposite a door to the kitchen or a toilet door. Both send negative qi to the oven too fast, so having a negative impact on the food. 
  • The ideal home has a centre that is an open area where nourishing qi can gather and spread around Think of the centre space as an area a metre in diameter.
  • Long narrow hallways lead qi to travel too fast, disturbing harmony and balance. Choose homes with hallways that are wide enough to allow several people to pass through in one go. 
  • Stairs in the centre or opposite the front door are also sources of trouble. 

I hope these suggestions help you, especially if you are in two minds about a design you are considering for build or a house that is on the market to buy.

Remember that these are only some of the many visible things to look out for. A deeper check will assess your home for more and especially for how the invisible energies will impact you. 

Image; Domestically Blissful