August Monthly Energies

For the final month of winter the August Feng Shui Energies mimic the Later Heaven Bagua which establishes the ‘natural home’ for the elements in each compass location. So in a way this is another doubling of the energies for your home this month. They moved in on the 8th August and stay till the 7th September.  

The ruler is the 5 yellow, an earth energy associated with misfortune and blockages. It can trigger health problems for the abdomen, spleen and digestive system.  Make sure your centre is free of clutter, open and tidy to prevent qi from stagnating here. You may have placed some red colour here for for this year’s Annual prosperity  energy but you will need to remove it from now until the 7th September. Place a bell here and ring it often and soften the negativity with some yellow colour and a group of round metal objects as well. 

The best areas for this month are the North, South and  Northeast

The most challenging is the Southwest which is to be kept quiet at all costs. The other areas have mixed possibilities. 

Remember that the energies are at their strongest when they land at your front door, bedroom,  office or the place where you spend a lot of time such as a family room. This means that they can affect you the most, either, positively or negatively in these areas. Even if they are challenging understand that they are calling on you to honour and learn from their nature. For example the health energy landing in your bedroom is calling on you to take extra care of your health and wellbeing. This awareness can weaken any power they might have over you. 


If you want to gain success in study, writing, creativity or an art form, this is the month for you. If there is a door in your North use it often to foster this success or spend plenty of time in your North sector.  If you sleep in the North part of your house you will probably find that creative ideas come easily to you especially if you are female.   If you are single this is a good month for romance too. But if married, their is a risky of  third party interference in your relationship. Put a little bit of red colour in your North. 


With the future prosperity energy 9 Fire moving into the South, the combination formed here is known as birth of an intelligent child. This can mean an actual birth or the birth of an idea, or a creative endeavour. It can also mean financial gain via promotion at your work. But on the downside, the males of the family could lose their temper easily and it can strengthen the Annual 3 Wood her for burglary and legal issues. Add in a little bit of red colour.


This is an interesting area this month because the visiting 8 Earth energy for prosperity can help weaken the Annual sickness 2 Earth, making the combination  better for bedrooms this month. 

Keep your Calabash or Wu Lou here to weaken the 2 earth and now 8 Earth joining it will mitigate it further. No red colour here though. You can put a crystal here as long as you have the cures in place for the Annual sickness energy. The combination is good for completing projects successfully as well. 


The 7 Metal moved into the West this month to bring flirtation into the picture. If your work involves travelling overseas it is more likely  be successful. But the 7 Metal is associated with  Robbery too so you will need to check your security measures if you have a door or window in the West. Add in some Water colours of black, dark blue, grey or charcoal to weaken it a little. 


The 3 Wood for legal problems, arguments and robbery moves into the East, affecting the eldest son the most. Leg injuries are also a possibility with this combination.  You can reduce its impact with the red colour of Fire to burn it off. A red cushion, rug, object or artwork are some the many options  you can use depending on what room of your house is in the East. Turn off water features here this month. 


The Southwest is the area that needs very careful treatment this month The Annual 5 Yellow for misfortune is already here and it is now joined by the 2 earth for sickness. Together  the energy they can be  very strongly negative for health, finances and wellbeing.  Do not disturb the earth here for the whole year by drilling, digging, renovating or loud activities. Place a Wu Lou her for the month and a group of round metal objects especially if your bedroom is in the Southwest and especially for the mother/wife/middle aged female.  Soft piano music playing can help soothe the negativity. Remove any red colour and clutter. Avoid using this area if possible. 


The 6 Metal for business and career success lands in the Northwest. Put some earthen colours of yellow, brown, orange or beige here or a square  earthen pot such as a terracotta, stone or concrete one to lessen the chance of disagreement between fathers and sons. This is the direction of the Pig, The Grand Duke of the year. Kept quiet and avoid digging, drilling or renovating so as not to disturb the earth and bring misfortune. 


The 4 Wood for success in study, romance, writing and artistic, or creative pursuits lands in the Southeast to join the Annual 7 Metal. This is an excellent place to spend a lot of time.  Be mindful though of arguments between siblings and place a bowl of still water here or some water colours of black, dark blue grey or charcoal to cool things down. This is another area for avoiding. digging, drilling, renovating.