Peach Blossom Romance Formula

Are you looking for your soul mate? Well let me introduce you to a special formula called the Peach Blossom Romance formula.

To use it you first need to find the romance spot in your home

This romance area is different for everybody and once it’s activated, it can help you attract a partner into your life.

 But there’s even better news! In a special offer I can  give you two separate spots to activate in your home, using two different Classical Peach Blossom methods.

This can help you bring in your new romance faster. 

Now there are two Options  for you to choose from to receive your Peach Blossom locations.

Option 1-      I Tell You and You Find it. 

With this  first option I tell you the general compass location to put an activator for example  North, South, East etc. Each compass location covers 45 degrees. This method does not specify  where to put the activator within that 45 degrees. You choose.

And for those of you who want this method remember you will need to find that compass location in your home and put the activator anywhere within that 45 degrees.

Option 2.     I Do It All For You

A second  method can pinpoint a very specific smaller range of 15 compass degrees in your home and if you put your  activator there the whole process can then becomes more powerful .

If you are willing to  go deeper and ask me for this much more specific spot I do need to ask you for a couple of things in return.

  1.  I will need a to scale floorplan of your home. A rough sketch will not do.
  2. Your Address Street number,  City, State and Country.
  3. Your birth details in Day, Month and Year format. If you are in the US you are used to writing it differently with the month first so please be careful otherwise I could give you the wrong spot!
  4. I need to have  intention.  You don’t have to communicate it to me but it helps enormously if you  have  a clear idea about what kind of person you want to bring into your life and to really mean it. Write  out what you want, because writing is powerful and you can put what you’ve written into the Peach Blossom spot along with the activators I recommend.

With your information I can do it all for you.   You don’t need to work  out where the very specific 15 degrees is in your home.  I draw the exact spot on your floor plan and send it back to you with a description of the activators and the best date to put them in place.

Just one thing. One of the Peach Blossom spots must be used this year only.  It is not going to work after February next year when a new location will become the prominent one.

Good News For Both Methods

One thing that many other sites don’t give you is an auspicious date for you to put your activator in place. I will calculate this for you. You will also have the activators explained to you.

Who Is The Peach Blossom Activation For? 

Peach Blossom is not a method to bring peace to troubled relationships that already exist. For that to happen you would need to turn to the Flying Stars Feng Shui or San Yuen Yuen Method which can help smooth over troubled relationships, assuming both partners want the same outcome.

Peach Blossom is only for those who want to  a new relationship into their lives.

Guidelines for Option 1

For $18.00 you will find out where your personal Peach Blossom is located, and how and when to activate it.  You just need to fill in the form below to send me your birth details, including year, month, and day of  birth.
After filling in the form below click on the PayPal Button.  Within 48 hours you will receive the instructions for where to put an activation and the favourable date to do it.

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 Guidelines for Option 2

For $49 you will find out where your personal Peach Blossom is located and how and when to locate it.

Step 1. Fill in the form below to send me your name. and birth details, including your Year, Month and Day of Birth.

Step 2. Click on the PayPal Button to make Your payment.

Step 3 Email me at with your to scale floorplan and address.