September Monthly Energies


The September Monthly Energies move in on the 8th and stay till the 8th October. 

Then ruling nature of this month fosters creativity, artistic pursuits, writing and academic success. It is also a Peach Blossom Romance Qi energy.

The most positive areas this month are the West, South and North.

The most challenging  are the Northwest, Southeast and East.

Remember that the energies are at their strongest when they land at your front door, bedroom,  office or the place where you spend a lot of time such as a family room. This means that they can affect you the most, either, positively or negatively in these areas. Even if they are challenging understand that they are calling on you to honour and learn from their nature. For example the health energy landing in your bedroom is calling on you to take extra care of your health and wellbeing. This awareness can weaken any power they might have over you.


This is an amazingly good month for you career, business  and promotion.  It’s also very good for students and young people bringing many opportunities for success. 

 If you have your front door or Office in the West, make use of this 6 Metal energy by noticing opportunities and  taking the initiative and offering or accepting leadership roles. Its a good place for anyone to spend time. Add in a good sized round Metal object to maximise the effect. 


The the most vital energy of this period of 20 years is 8 Earth. Now it lands in the South where it forms a luck combination with a 3 Wood energy.  Add in some Fire colour of red to enhance the wealth and prosperity and to burn off the chance of legal problems that could arise as well. Children could suffer with eye problems here this month so if you can move them to another room, do so. 


The combination called Glamorous Wood is created in the North as the 9 Fire joins with the Annual Wood to fire up increased wealth and profits for business owners and success for students and academics. Spend a lot of time here this month and lucky you if your front door, office or bedroom is in the North. 


The energy for burglary and arguments arises in the Northeast.  Makes sure your security systems are in working order if you have a door or window here. Do not hold any important discussions in the Northeast.  Add in some Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey to balance the energy. 


The sickness energy 2 Earth arrives in the East, so its best kept quiet and calm. Put your baby calabash here or a framed set of coins to weaken any illness potential. Play soft piano music to soothe it as well. On the positive side  there are also chances to make money  so take advantage of opportunities that come along. 


This is not a spot to spend time in during September.  Conflict and quarrels  are triggered by the meeting of the 3 Wood energy and the 7 Metal Annual energy here.  The eldest daughter is the one most likely to be affected. Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal, or grey can reduce the conflict and enhance the auspiciousness of the  sum -of -10. 


While the Water energy moving into the Southwest is a beautiful victory energy on its own, when it meets the Earth energy here it can trigger blockages, accidents  and illness of the reproductive organs, ears or kidneys. Do not spend time here if you can help it. Avoid using doors in the Southwest and add in a group of round metal objects. 


Ring your bell in the Northwest because the 5 Yellow energy is extra unlucky because it joins with the 9 Fire of the year, which makes anything it is with, so much stronger. It is the father or husband who is most likely to be affected by this. Avoid the area and ring your bell daily to balance the energies.   No disturbing the earth with digging, drilling, renovating or banging. Keep it as quiet as you can.