October Monthly Energies

The October energies move in on the 8th and stay till the 7th November.

This month the ruler is a Wood energy that is good for you if you are in business as its about business wealth and competitiveness. This competitiveness can also apply to sport. generally though. it’s associated with legal problems and burglars. But we can  burn off some of its potential negativity by adding a small red object to the centre of your house. Its loves being with the Annual wealth star in the centre so create a space that is welcoming and looks lucky.

Remember that the energies are at their strongest when they arrive at the front door, bedroom or your office.

The very best locations to spend time and take advantage of this month are the Northeast, East, North and Northwest. The most challenging are the Southwest. West, Southeast and South.


The energy for career success and promotion lands in the Northeast.This energy is the 6 Metal qi. And it likes being with the sickness 2 Earth energy that’s  there for the year. That means it transforms into being good for wealth and business.  It’s really a good combination for Earth based occupations. Watch out for gastrointestinal or stomach problems though. Add in some round metal objects to strengthen the Metal and weaken the Earth energy.


The East is an excellent area as well for career success and promotion. Spend plenty of time here and if your office sin the East you can even try sitting in the East of the office to double up on the power there.   Once again round metal objects are the cure.


The wealth and prosperity energy 8 Earth can be found in the North. If you have it as your front door, office or bedroom it can add vibrancy to your home and prosperity it all its forms to you life as long as the area in your home allows it to flow. However this combination can hurt small children so it might be best to move a child out of the North this month. Clean up any clutter here and add in a little bit of red colour to support the prosperity.


This sector has a beautiful 9 Fire energy for beauty, glamour, wealth, networking and happy times. But this month it is joined by a Wood energy that creates what we call ‘Glamorous Wood’ This can trigger achievement, success and growth and this is an excellent place for an intelligent child to work this month.

Put a healthy plant here to boost it even further.


The West has the 5 Yellow energy which can bring problems like money problems, accidents and in particular this month it may trigger problems of the kidneys, bladder and ears if you are already weak in these areas. Add your bell here and ring it often.


The sickness energy 2 Earth lands in the Southeast. It joins the Wood energy there, creating a clash between women of different generations. The stomach or digestive organs can be hurt in the process. Once again the cure is Metal. A group of round metal objects, a calabash or a framed set of coins will help balance the energy.


A Metal energy for miscommunication, burglary and fighting lands in the South. Another Wood energy is here for the year. This can mean romance but Metal and Wood clash so respiratory problems, thigh problems coughing or even lawsuits can result. Weaken the Metal with water colours of black, dark blue grey or charcoal.


The beautiful Fire energy lands in the Southwest. But Fire energises whatever it is with and the 5 Yellow happens to be here for the year. Together they are not good partners. The combo can lead to depression, heart and eye problems and even gambling. Keep this area very quiet and do not spend much time in your Southwest. Once again add in Metal objects or metal colours of white, silver or gold.

Image; Folk Art Landscape by Debbie Criswell