November 2019 Monthly Energies

November Monthly energies move in on the 8th November and stay till the 7th December. November is the month of the Pig. If you are a pig or a Snake you may experience some challenges this month. Be careful when driving not to speed or park illegally because there is a higher chance of a fine. 

The ruler of the month is a 2 Earth. This is great if you are an accountant or a person involved in saving money. Otherwise it is associated with illness. It’ s a call to look after your health this month. Remove any clutter from the centre and add in your baby calabash, a group of round metal objects and even play soft piano music to reduce the negativity. 

The best locations are the Southwest, Northwest, Southeast and West, with the Northeast bringing strong negative this  month and the North a challenge one for women. 

Remember that the energies are at their strongest when they arrive at the front door, bedroom or your office.


The Southwest, while quite challenging for the year with the 5 Yellow for misfortune, offers  a much better situation this month with the 8 Earth for wealth coming along to reduce its power. Place some yellow colour here and keep the area fairly still. Some quartz crystals just for the month.  No red colour because it might stir up the 5 yellow. 


The Northwest sees a Wood energy combing with the Annual 9 Fire to create a really good situation for promotion and a great space for children to study. Its called birth of an intelligent child which can also relate to promoting good ideas and success in study. Place a plant here for the month and spend a lot of time here during November. 


A beautiful energy for wisdom moves into the Southeast also setting it up very well energetically for students, artists, writers and anyone involved in  creative, academic or intellectual  endeavours.  The Water and Wood combination here predisposes it to success in your exams or ypur academic field. Definitely sit here if you are preparing for exams. Put some black, charcoal, grey or dark blue here to enhance the success.  Do not put real water here as it can trigger bad love affairs, depending on the forms around your house. 


The West is the same as the Southeast with an emphasis  on success in exams or your academic field. Also a great place for artists, creatives and writers!  Spend  time here in the West  as well. Add in a small plant to enhance the situation. 


This is a location to avoid if you can. Stop  using any doors in  the Northwest for the month as well because the 5 Yellow monthly star combines with 2 Earth annual star to potentially bring unexpected crises, financial problems and accidents. Keep the area very, very quiet except for a bell that you ring here daily. Remove any red colours  and do not disturb the earth here with loud noises. My front door is in the NE so I will be coming in the back door! If you don’t have a bell put lots if metal objects here along with white, silver and gold colours. 


The North has the Metal star 7 for the year residing there. Now its joined by a 4 Wood which creates a clash relationship . This can actually be good for  romance but if the outside landforms are ugly it can lead to divorce and litigation, especially of things are already rocky.  So too Ii can mean fighting amongst women. It’s not a good room for pregnant woman to use. Add in some water colours of black, charcoal or dark blue to reduce the tension.  


The 9 Fire moves into the East reducing the good Metal there for the year which has been great for career and promotion. Now the fire can mean younger generations  rebelling against their fathers.The father or head of the family can suffer from lung problems, teeth issues fevers or blood pressure problems. Not a good area to spend time in. Add in some yellow, orange, brown or beige to create a bridge between the warring parties. 


Just be extra careful with knives in the South this month as a 6 Metal crosses with the Annual 3 Wood. Legal issues are often associated with this star and young children ad teenagers can be challenged. If anyone is experiencing headaches, move them out of this area. Add in some water colours to reduce the effect of the metal but still don’t spend much time in the South. 

Image placeinsun. Flickr