January Monthly Energies

The new energies for January arrived on the 6th and remain until the 3rd of February. The next day we put in the New Annual Remedies for 2020!

The ruler for this month of January is 9 Fire. It creates a beautiful feel as it combines with the Annual 8 Earth star in the centre of your home,  making this month likely to be one of joy and happy events. Put a bunch of flowers here and clean away any clutter to create space for gatherings either at your place or with friends elsewhere.

The areas that are the very best spots to spend time in this month are the Northwest and the Southeast. 

The most challenging are the North, East  West.


This are is fantastic for your career and good fortune for leaders and entertainers. The numbers combine to add up to 10 making it extra lucky.  Definitely spend time here and if you are offered the chance to take a leadership role, step up because these energies will help you, especially if you are the head of the  household.


The wealth star lands in the Southeast and makes another good area to spend time in this month.  It’s particularly good if your front door or bedroom is in the Southeast.  It’s not only about wealth.  It will boost your competitiveness too.  Young girls could find that the chance of romance is better this month. Put a pair of mandarin ducks in the Southeast and a little bit of black, charcoal, deep blue or grey colour. 


The South is blessed by the  star for academic success and artistic pursuits. So once again spend time here to boost your talent this month.  But an excess of Wood in the South can mean that emotions are heightened or you become mentally overwhelmed and stressed.  Add in a bit of red colour to burn off the excess Wood. 


The 3 Wood that lands here in January has is in a conflict situation with the 2 Earth star for sickness. It can mean relationship problems exacerbated by arguments.  Avoid this area if you can or take it as a sign to consider your relationships carefully as well as your health. Add in extra metal and a  candle to symbolically burn off the Wood here as well.  


The West is visited by the star for sickness, the 2 Earth, so you need Metal here to balance it.  If you have a Wu Lou or calabash put it here and remove any red colour that might be in the area. Other cures are run Metal objects or soft piano music.


This could be really good month for productive work if your office is here or you spend a lot of time  in the Southwest. But your hard work could lead to headaches and stress so don’t overdo it. Add in some round metal objects. You could have a nice surprise windfall luck of your front door, office or bedroom is in the Southwest.


The North is the spot for your bell and you need to ring it often because  the 5 Yellow lands here bringing potential financial problems, or legal issues, accidents  or sickness. As it combines with the 4 Wood for the year, the combination can mean infections and males are the ones most likely to be affected. It’s also not so good if you were born in the year of the Rat.  Keep your North very still and avoid using the doors here.


There’s just too much Metal in the East this month, bringing the potential for conflict, robbery and violence. Put sharp knives away to avoid accidents and do not hold any important conversations in the East. Add in some water colours of black, dark blue, or charcoal to soothe the aggressiveness of the sparring metals.