12 Tips for Working at Home During Covid 19

We are now into a few weeks of living with Covid 19.  

Our changed reality means that almost nothing is the same as usual. 

One of the changes you may be experiencing is having to work from home. This may be a practice that some of you do already, perhaps a few days a week.  But for many it’s a new experience  that can take a while to get used to. 

It is easy to be distracted and interrupted. Often other family members are at home too, children and partners. And maybe you don’t have a dedicated office to work in either.  

Here are 12 Tips to help you be as productive as possible 

1. If you have a spare room or office, place your desk in the corner diagonally opposite the door, preferably to the left. This is an area of ‘assembled qi’, meaning it is the most vibrant and energetic part of the room. You will be bathed in this beneficial energy when you sit at your desk and be able to work much better. 

2. Sit or stand at your desk with your back to a solid wall so that you can see the whole room in front of you. This is called ‘the power position’ and it provides you with backing so you can concentrate and be more creative in your thinking and actions. If its impossible to do this put a mirror in front of you on the desk so you can see who is behind you, even if you know that no one else it at home. 

3. Deal with clutter on a regular basis. Clutter causes energy to stagnate.  When that happens it leads to fuzzy thinking, lack of motivation and you’ll find yourself being distracted easily.

4. Keep your desk minimalist. This can give you feelings of spaciousness and efficiency, allowing you to be relaxed and achieve what you set out to do. 

5. Good lighting is essential for clear thinking. The ideal is to have three kinds of light; overhead lighting , a desk lamp and natural light entering via the window. 

6. If you sit or stand in the line of sight of sharp edges on furniture or objects, you may experience irritability or stress because sharp objects shoot Qi energy your way very fast. Its like someone pointing a finger at you all day.  Move the object or furniture out of the way or shield it from view.  

7. Avoid sitting under heavy furniture such as shelving or a wall cupboard. That produces a mental weight or burden hanging over you. 

8. Avoid piling things up on the floor. That can lead you to feeling bogged down with too much to do.

9. Place something inspiring on a wall, such as your goals or an affirmation. 

10. Always have something beautiful in the room such as a vase of flowers, decorative object, photo or artwork that you love. It will create a feeling of freshness, giving you an extra lift. 

11. Brendan Burchard, a world renowned success coach, advises that if we take a break every 5o minutes then we are able to get more done compared to sitting or standing  for longer at our desks desperately trying to finish a task.  I’ve been using this strategy for a few years and it definitely works!  

12 Many experts also say that even though we are working at home, we should get dressed as though we are heading out to work. This might work for you. But many people can in fact work easily in any type of clothing.  So go right ahead and wear whatever works for you.

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