Ten Tips for Weathering the Crisis with Feng Shui

We’ve been locked down now for about 4 weeks. How are you going?  From my conversations with people, some are extremely anxious understandably, for some, cabin fever is setting in as they try to juggle working from home and home schooling. And some are enjoying the time to garden, connect, read, do crosswords, and tidy the sock drawer. 

Depending on your circumstances you may swing in and out of fear, wondering when it will all end. Will I catch the virus and pass it on? How can I cope and will I be able to start up my business/ job/ plans again? 

I thought I’d give you 10 Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology insights into how you can get through this time and  raise the Energy levels at home.  It’s  helpful to understand it from the Eastern perspective. 

Raising the Energy Levels at Home

2020 was always going to be a tough year. Let’s look at why that is, and what it means in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology terms.
It’s partly because the Rat sits in the North and the North lies at the bottom of the Chinese Calendar.  It’s a very yin place to be. Yin means stillness, closing down, fear, grief, dark energy and night time. It means being inside. It means endings before the cycle starts again and we experience renewal.

About the only thing that is moving is the virus. It doesn’t respect borders and travels fast, like gushing  water, infecting the lungs which are a Metal element. Water and Metal working in tandem producing a situation many of us have never had to handle before.

I’ve come up with Ten Practical Tips for Helping You to Weather the Crisis
I’ll give you a hint. One of the best ways to energetically weaken Water is to use the Fire element.  Read on to find out how to do that. 

Tip 1 – Use the Fire Element

Fire energy is expressed by love, kindness, joy, warmth and the colours red, pink, deep orange and purple.  In terms of the human body, Fire is all about the heart and the eyes too. You can bring Fire into your life firstly with acts of kindness, compassion and generosity and there’s plenty of research to suggest that being kind to others is even more beneficial to the giver. Laughter sparks joy.  So does getting out into the sun for a dose of vitamin D. It puts you in touch with the feeling of warmth and heat. Cook! Light the Fire, the barbecue or the Fire pit.

Cleaning your windows helps your eyes ‘see’ opportunities.  And wearing a little bit of red colour gives you a touch of Fire on your skin. 

If you’ve had a full Feng Shui consultation and know where you can bring Fire colours into your home, then add in more. Otherwise be a bit careful where you put any red colour.  But do  make sure you have plenty of good light, natural, overhead and lamps.

The Fire element is also associated with certain kinds of  activities. Networking and connecting with others is one. There’s so much of that going on via the internet!  So many were quick to jump on and get their businesses operating via Zoom and other platforms if they could. And so many friends and families have discovered Zoom for chatting, including mine. We look a bit like the Brady Bunch in our gallery view!  But this is the Fire element at work because its connection and loving. 

Tip 2- Look After the West and the North

  In your home, look after your  West and North sectors in particular. The West is associated with the lungs and grief. The North is associated with the Rat, the kidneys and fear. When you declutter, clean and tidy these compass sectors it energetically helps you lessen the chance of being overwhelmed.   you feel more in control. Vacuum often and put in flowers or fresh bowls of fruit to suggest abundance and health. The North needs to be uncluttered, and kept quiet without any  banging, drilling, loud noises or renovating  to prevent stagnation in your life.

Tip 3 -Breathe

 Breathe. Consciously breathing deeply is a fantastic  way to strengthen your lungs and your immune system. There are now so many Zoom classes in Yoga, Tai Qi ,Chi Gong, Pilates and Meditation which focus on the  breath.  Getting out and walking in the fresh air also helps  your lungs and your emotional and mental health as well.

Tip 4 -The Mouth of Qi

 Your front door and entrance are also part of the solution.  So sweep, clean, polish and tidy because this is the Mouth of Qi, of Life force energy. Just as the health of your physical mouth indicates the health of your physical body, so your entrance generates the health of your whole home. 

Tip 5 -Keep the Energy Moving

When your home’s energy flows well, you can deal more easily with tough times like now. So once again clean up, remove any furniture that is in the way and  add movement to ‘dead corners’ with lights, music or plants. Open windows for fresh air and put away any images or objects that drain your energy. Instead put up images that make you smile and lift your spirits. Bunnings ran out of paint at one point so I know lots of you are getting out the paint brushes. Fresh paint means fresh energy!

Tip 6 – The South Side

  Remove any red colours from the South part of your house. An annual sickness energy comes to the South this year and red colour makes it worse. Instead its much better for your health to add in white, silver and gold colours. You can use cushions, artwork, rugs, throws, towels and decorative objects in these colours. Round metal objects will also help balance the challenging energies. the severity of this illness energy depends on the architecture of your house and whether or not the front or back door is here.

Tip 7- Know that it Will End

We also need to understand that it will end. We will come out of this when the time is right with new ways of doing  things.  It’s interesting that when I wrote about the coming year in January I said that the leaders and bosses would look after their people this year.  Most governments around the world including our own are doing just that,  sometimes going totally against a previous trend.  Here our government is almost unrecognisable in the new initiatives its introduced to help us weather the crisis. So try to take just one step at a time. Try something new. That’s one way to help your immune system as well and be more in sync with the times.

Tip 8 -The Spiritual Potential

  The Fire element which is so good for us right now also has a spiritual side. It’s already driving many people to acknowledge  what they miss, what they don’t and what’s emerging as more important. I know that so many of you are suffering, but by the end of this time of isolation maybe you will have reassessed where your priorities lie.  Perhaps the decisions you make now will stay with you.  Maybe you’ll speak your truth for the first time, and perhaps  you will realise you are stronger than you thought. Things will never be the same again and that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Tip 9 -Tap in the Resourcefulness of the Rat

The Rat’s nature is intelligence and resourcefulness. If you claim you haven’t noticed any then you haven’t been looking!  It’s everywhere from the creative ways that businesses are adapting to the very funny videos of how families are ‘coping’.  You may find it easier to start a project you’ve not had time to tackle until now. If there’s something you want to learn, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of  resources online to inspire you.

Tip 10 -Put Yourself First

While helping others is part of the solution, looking after yourself first is also so important. It’s time you take a moment, breathe deeply and take care of yourself first as then you can you take care of others. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat good food and laugh!

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